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The annual list, updated as new things arise; right now, there's a bunch of things that aren't confirmed yet but I'll update when I have details:
  • greydogtales - Online. Queer Horror Month Celebration (collaboration with Gingernuts of Horror). Monthlong through January. I have a lengthy interview up about my work and thoughts about queer horror; plus, my short fiction collection Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction will be on sale 1/21-1/27.
  • Queen of Swords Press 2nd Birthday Celebration at Bingley's Tea Salon - Minneapolis. January 19th, 2-4PM. Books, munchies, chocolate and excellent company! Come celebrate with us!

  • Wordplay, Minneapolis, MN - May 11-12th. The Loft Literary's new author festival. Michael Merriam and I will be reading on the Pop-up Stage at 2PM on 5/12.
  • Cream & Amber Author Reading, Hopkins, MN - May 19th. 2-3:30. Michael Merriam and I will be reading from Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space)
  • WisCon, Madison, WI - May 24th-27th. Awaiting approval for a Queen of Swords Press party for our new titles.


  • OutWrite 2019 - Washington, D.C. TBD. Had a great time last year, hoping to be back again this year.

  • 2019 Twin Cities Book Festival, St. Paul, MN. October TBD. Queen of Swords Press will hopefully have a book table and will be hosting author Michael Merriam again as a guest author.
  • Multiverse Con - Atlanta, GA. October 18-20th. Author guest - doing panels, a reading and so forth. My wife, Jana Pullman, will be an artist guest.

  • Minnesota Women's Art Festival - TBD. Queen of Swords Press is hoping to have a book table and feature artwork by book artist Jana Pullman once again.
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Said write-up consists entirely of my personal experiences, FYI, so none of the various and sundry things that went on that I either haven't heard about or wasn't present for are covered.
  • Drove 4.5 hours, give or take, landed at the Concourse and did a mad dash from the car to the hotel registration to the con registration to the Art Show and the Dealer's Room. I also got to make a short dash into The Gathering to drop clothes for the Clothing Swap. Not very excited that the entrance was once more "mined" with an unexpected nail polish cloud from the nail polish booth. I have chemical allergies so I literally couldn't stay in the ballroom. I know I'm not the only one and this is year 2 of this happening; this is a thing that needs to be fixed before someone has a major asthma episode or equivalent. That aside, everything else went relatively smoothly. Jana got her artwork set up at the Art Show and got checked in. I dropped books off at A Room of One's Own and DreamHaven Books (both of which carry print Queen of Swords Press titles). After all that, we went and collapsed in the Starbucks to recharge.
  • There, we were joined by the delightful Robyn Bennis (whose books you should be reading), followed by postering for the Sunday night Queen of Swords Party. From there, we went out for vegetarian Tibetan food at the ever delightful Himal Chuli with Robyn. Then back to the hotel for pirate slush reading (me) and the hot tub (Jana). After that, I was off to the Twelfth Planet Press Party to learn about their latest and meet up with friends. The party was very pleasant, the friends very welcome, but it was on the second floor of the hotel with nothing around it, so it remained, alas, poorly attended. But check out their website and their new projects because they're pretty awesome.
  • The day dawned with a bright and early trip to the Farmer's Market for sundries, which is always fun.
  • After that, Jana went off to volunteer at the Art Show and I went to roam the Dealer's Room and the Art Show before meeting my friend Brontë for our annual lunch from Teddyweggers.
  • After that, we went off to our respective panels. Mine was Beyond Batty Old Ladies, with L. Timmel Duchamp, Georgie Schobrich and Isabel Schecter. We had a decent discussion and people enjoyed it so I felt like it went well, I plugged the Goodreads list  of books with older female protagonists that we've been nurturing along since Helsinki and my Old(er) Women in Spec Fic list and I've heard that folks are getting some good use from them, so that's all good.
  • There was more slush and more Dealer's Room, in the midst of which I learned that Other Me's (Emily L. Byrne) new novel, Medusa's Touch, had hit the bestseller list for its category on Amazon U.K., which made for a nice lift to the afternoon and evening.
  • Then we met up with Alex Acks and enjoyed a very nice dinner to celebrate the release of Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures.
  • After that, I went to Elise Matthesen's Haiku Earring Party briefly, then checked out the Comics party for a bit before bedtime.
  • The day began with a lovely breakfast with Caroline Stevermer (who has a new novel coming out in the nearish future!), followed by a stroll back to the hotel for more Art Show (Jana) and sundries (me).
  • Jana and I met up for lunch and were the targets of a homophobic freakout by a woman who may have been tweaked  out of her skull. She threatened us but didn't get close enough to be physically threatening. It was unpleasant, but we survived and she wandered off after her companion. Lunch was quite tasty, at least.
  • I went down to Michaelangelo's for a reading by Monica Valentinelli, LaShawn Wanak, Naomi Kritzer and David Levine. The readings were good, but the coffee shop is a really hard venue to read at - very noisy and lots of traffic, best-suited to humor.
  • After that, I went to go hear my friend Sigrid on a panel on leading women of Syfy, which was fine, though one panelist had some slightly odd and fairly strong opinions about a show she'd never seen. I was hoping to learn a bit more about shows I hadn't seen, but The Magicians doesn't appeal to me and I'd seen the others; always nice to burble about Killjoys though.
  • Shortly thereafter, we met up with Monica for dinner, then went off to go prep for the Queen of Swords Press Party. Reader, we had a blast, once things were set up and I was in my Victorian Matrix gear. There were games and tea and lovely fans and friends old and new. Alex was feted and chatted with. I met up with a couple of fans of my work and they said lovely things. People all retired at 1AM, which was when we were ready to call it a night and cleanup went swiftly.
All in all, we had a good con. There was some friction (which, for a change, I was neither directly involved in or present at) and a certain amount of tension, not surprising given events in the outside world. So we'll see how it goes and how things shake out. Right now, it's on the list for next year.
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The annual list, updated as new things arise:

  • Skiffy and Fanty Podcast - I'll be interviewed on this Hugo-Award-nominated podcast about my work in general and about Out of This World and Queen of Swords Press specifically. Date of broadcast is TBD.
  • Quatrefoil Library, Minneapolis - March 26th, 1-4PM. Queer Author Series - readings and signings by a bunch of local authors, including yours truly.
  • Speculations SF Reading Series - April 19th, 6:30-7:45PM. I'll be reading from works new and in progress and such at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Tea and Ghost Stories - April 29th, 5PM. Bingley's Tea Room, Minneapolis. I'll be reading a selection of my various ghost stories, there will be books for sale and excellent tea!
  • Books and Beer Pop-up Store, Lake Monster Brewing, St. Paul. - May 11th, 5:30-9:30. I will be there with the new print edition of Out of This World, as well copies of Respectable Horror and sundry promo materials for upcoming works.
  • WisCon, Madison, WI - May 26th-29th. Programming participant - panels and reading. Wandering about, being authorial and publisherial as well.
  • Diversicon, St. Paul, MN - July 21-23rd. Panelist and returning Special Guest.
  • Worldcon 75, Helsinki, Finland - August 9-13. Programming participant and moderator.
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Nivair Gabriel and I did some brainstorming for a Sirens Con round table called "Kissing the Witch: Fantasy Women as Lovers" and we just heard that it's been accepted! I'm the official moderator, but Nivair definitely gets half the credit, especially since if she hadn't poked me about doing programming the night before proposals were due, I wouldn't have done anything. 

And I got preliminary programming assignments for Worldcon 75 in Helsinki!
This may be subject to change, of course.

Pronouns, who needs gender pronouns?
Wednesday 17:00 - 18:00, 102 (Messukeskus)
Lately in SFF, as well as in the real world, the use of gender pronouns have become problematical when referring to trans and intersex people and many writers have struggled to find ways--using "they", using feminine pronouns as the default, inventing pronouns.  However, there are many languages, including Finnish and Turkish, that do not come with gender pronouns, so does not have this mainly indo-european language-specific issue.  What can SF writers learn from native speakers of languages that just don't DO gender?
Cenk Gokce (M), Johanna Sinisalo, Catherine Lundoff, Kelvin Jackson, John Chu

LGBTQ+ Speculative Fiction Goes Worldwide

Friday 11:00 - 12:00, 101a&b (Messukeskus)
Panel discussion on gay, lesbian, bisexual. transgender and queer representation international works of speculative fiction.
Catherine Lundoff, Laura Lam, Keffy R.M Kehrli, Kat Kourbeti (M)

Older women in genre fiction

Saturday 10:00 - 11:00, 101c (Messukeskus)
Genre fiction has tons of grizzled soldiers and space captains in their 40s and 50s, but where are the ladies at? Young Adult has its share of teenage heroines, but where are the adult women?
Catherine Lundoff (M), Delia Sherman, Liisa Rantalaiho, Helena

More stuff on the horizon, as usual.

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I'm headed back to WisCon for the first time in a couple of years. I've got a reading and a couple of panels and will be floating around. I will have the new print edition of Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories with me and will try to make it available in the Dealer's Room as well. Invite me to tea or breakfast ot such. My attention is drawn to shiny things, chocolate and good tea, just saying. :-)

  • 10:30PM - Yes We Are Internet (Conference Room 4) - Group reading by Robyn Bennis, Seth Frost, Aimee Ogden and Catherine Lundoff (I've never met these folks other than on Twitter, so we will be living up to the name)
  • The Business of the Small Press (scheduled)      Sat, 10:00–11:15 am     Conference
Moderator: J. Boone Dryden. Timmi Duchamp, Catherine Lundoff, Michael Damian Thomas
Small press publishers, whether just starting out or long-time owners, come to talk about the challenges of getting started and sustaining the business. What's the nitty-gritty that readers and writers don't get to see? How are contracts drafted? What legal know-how is needed? How do you balance the books?

  • Red As Blood: Women and Gothic Horror (scheduled)     moderator     Sat, 1:00–2:15 pm     Caucus
Moderator: Catherine Lundoff. Emily B. Cataneo, Katie Sapede, Cath Schaff-Stump , Sheree Renée Thomas
Women figure prominently in classic Gothic horror as victims, protagonists, or villains and Gothic horror has had a profound influence on fantasy as a genre (Tanith Lee and Angela Carter, to name a couple of examples.) Television shows like Penny Dreadful and films like Crimson Peak help keep the subgenre alive and appealing to new generations. What makes Gothic tales so appealing? What do we see as the future for Gothic tales and what would we like to see more/less of?
  • Catherine Lundoff, Presentation. Assembly Room, 8:30-9:45AM
  • Aging in Speculative Fiction - Aging is subject to a wide range of magical cures and fixes in the genre as a whole. On the one hand, older characters in genre can be powerful (and/or oppressive) authority figures. At the same time, older characters are subject to sacrificial redshirting or are rendered invisible. Works that include older women as protagonists are still a rarity (and the number of older LGBTQ+ characters and/or older women of color is considerably smaller) despite a number of factors that should have brought greater changes in representation over the last couple of decades.
Come say hi!
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The list in progress!


· Arisia, Boston, MA. Jan. 15-18th. I’m moderating a panel on the Founding Mothers of SFF and helping with the Outer Alliance gathering on Sunday. Otherwise, hanging out and enjoying myself.

· 2016 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event – Jan. 21. I’ll be doing a post on things I have pondered while serving as an awards judge for various writing awards.


· DevFest MN 2016February 6th, Minneapolis. I’ll be doing a joint presentation on Accessibility and Aging in IT with Twin Cities Women in Tech founder Valerie Lockhart.

· Inflagranti Delicto: Writing Good Sex Scenes – Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis. February 13, 1-5PM. Class that I’m offering at the Loft; it will need to have 6 or more registrants to carry.

· Lavender Ink: Writing and Selling LGBTQ Fiction - Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis. February 27, 1-4PM. Class that I’m offering at the Loft; it will need to have 6 or more registrants to carry.


Women Author's Event - Tretter Collection at the University of MN Libraries (joint event with Quatrefoil Library).March 26, 1-4PM. Featured authors include Jessie Chandler, Judith Katz, Pat Schmatz, MB Panichi, myself and possibly Rachel Gold.


AlterConf Minneapolis - Lead Pages, Minneapolis, April 9, 11PM - 4PM. Tech conference focused on diversity issues in IT and gaming. Valerie Lockhart and I will be focusing on making IT-related workplaces more accessible on multiple levels.



· Au Contraire! 2016 – Wellington, New Zealand. June 3-5th. No idea if I’ll be on programming but hoping to get on a panel or two. Besides, New Zealand! Whee!

CONvergence 2016 – Minneapolis, MN. June 30th- July 3rd. Panels, perhaps a reading. Got sick and was unable to attend. :-(



· Diversicon 24 – Minneapolis, MN (new hotel likely). July 29th-31st. Jessica Amanda Salmonson is GOH this year. Panels.


· MidAmericanCon II – Kansas City, MN. August 17th-21st. Worldcon for 2016. Panels (see tag)

Speculations Reading Series -

DreamHaven Books, Comics and Art, Minneapolis, MN. September 21st, 6:30PM. At which I will be reading stuff of my own composition and suchlike.


· Gaylaxicon 2016Minneapolis, MN. October 7th-9th. Panels and perhaps a reading.

· Arcana 46 – St. Paul, MN. October 21st-23rd. Panels. Alas, no Arcana for me as I have a conflict. But Kathe Koja is GOH and the rest of you should go.


· TeslaCon, hopefully. For the sheer joy of it. Madison, WI. November17th-20th



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This is cool bit of news, at least for me. Literary fiction is not as a rule a thing that I write. To date, I have written exactly one story, long out of print. But a year or so back, I went to an art opening and was captivated by an interesting piece of art, a print depicting a woman, who has no face, holding a mask and a gun. I bought it and it inspired me to write a short-short piece about a wretched first date at an art opening. I subbed it a couple of times, without success, then last week, I was asked to submit something for the new queer literary journal, CALLISTO. I polished the story up and sent it in and voila! "Faceless" has a new home. :-D
Coming soon...

In the meantime, this upcoming weekend's adventures!
I'll be at Gaylaxicon 2016 in scenic St. Louis Park with a bunch of other exciting authors, publishing professionals and other fun folks.
My schedule:

Friday 10/7

6 PM
- Courtyard 1
Coming Out Fen
Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold

11 PM -
Werewolf Panel
Panelists: Warren Rochelle, Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold, Kyell Gold

Saturday 10/8
11 AM - Courtyard 1
LGBTQ Myths and Fairy Tales
Panelists: Warren Rochelle, Catherine Lundoff

Sunday 10/9
12:30 PM - Mainstage
I Kissed a Girl: Celebration of Queer Women
Creators and Characters
Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold

Hope to see some of you there!

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Comics, aging, cyberpunk, small presses, queer YA, a game show and autographing! They're going to keep me hopping.

Knock on Wood. From Squirrel Girl to Lumberjanes
Thursday 5:00 PM, 2206 (Kansas City Convention Center)
What the junk?! In the last couple of years we've seen the growth of comics that might superficially appear to be aimed at a YA audience, however these titles are hitting the mainstream with a vengeance. Marvel are leading the pack with Squirrel Girl, Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel, but there's also a vast amount of Indie work coming through such as Lumberjanes, Space Dumplin', Kaos Komics and Footloose. Our panel discuss why these titles are so popular, and what they have to offer both new and established audiences.
Tom Galloway, Jason Sanford, Adam Rakunas, Rebecca Schwarz (M), Catherine Lundoff

The Joys of Running a Small Press
Friday 10:00 - 11:00, 2205 - A/V (Kansas City Convention Center)
The old joke is that the way to make a small fortune in publishing is to start out with a large fortune.  Small publishers fill an important niche in the world of science fiction, even in this era of self-publishing.  Some of the foremost small publishers talk about the trials and tribulations of finding their place and surviving.
Eric T. Reynolds, Catherine Lundoff, Beth Meacham (M), Mr Paul Starr, Jason Sizemore

Living in a Cyberpunk Society
Friday 11:00 - 12:00, 2208 (Kansas City Convention Center)
We may not be able to jack in directly, but we are part of the Cyberfuture. When technology thrives but society decays, seemingly dystopic worlds arise. To what extent is our world a cyberpunk universe and what more can we expect to happen to take us there?
Ms Pat Cadigan, Lyda Morehouse, Allan Dyen-Shapiro, Takayuki Tatsumi, Catherine Lundoff (M)

The Build-A-World Game Show
Friday 9PM-10PM, 2503A - A/V (Kansas City Convention Center)
The Build-a-World Game Show is a live action worldbuilding game designed and run by Monica Valentinelli. Two teams of panelists compete to build a fantastic world in under an hour for fun and prizes. The Build-a-World Game Show incorporates audience participation, takes place in three rounds, and results in a fan-voted winner! This year, Martha Wells, David McDonald, Catherine Lundoff, and Tex Thompson will be competing.
 Ms. Monica Valentinelli (M), Tex Thompson, Mr David McDonald, Martha Wells, Catherine Lundoff

Complexity of Character: Coming Out in Teen SpecFic
Saturday 10-11AM, 3501B (Kansas City Convention Center)
Young adult speculative fiction is doing a fairly good job of featuring a diverse and varied cast of characters, but books that feature LGBT, asexual, and nonbinary characters are still not always easy to find. Let’s talk about what books and characters are out there, and what themes and identities are still underrepresented in YA SF? What challenges do spec fic authors face when writing and publishing books about teen sexuality and love? Beyond the main characters, what roles do the secondary and tertiary characters play in helping to advance the conversation about teen sexuality?
Catherine Lundoff (M), Mark Oshiro (Mark Does Stuff), Lyda Morehouse, Jaylee James

Autographing: Pat Cadigan, David Dvorkin, James Gunn, Catherine Lundoff, Megan O'Keefe, John Picacio
Saturday 1PM -2PM Kansas City Convention (Autographing Space)

Aging in Speculative Fiction
Saturday 3:00PM-4PM, 3501H (Kansas City Convention Center)
One day you wake up with a new ache, another day you notice you have more grey hairs than brown, another you realise people on the bus ask if you would like their seat. Despite all of this you are still 30 inside and just as lively as ever (well, almost). Is the process of aging ever covered in science fiction and fantasy or is it one of the last great taboos?
Eleanor Arnason, Catherine Lundoff, James Patrick Kelly (M), Connie Willis, Bud Sparhawk
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And I'm back from New Zealand! It was fab and I will be posting my travelogue out here, with some pictures, in the next couple of days. I'm still unpacking and jetlagged and back at work so catching up. In the meantime, have a CONvergence schedule, filled with interesting things and people and hopefully, discussion.

Thursday, June 30 • 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Writerly Career Cycles: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here?

Most professional careers have their ups and downs. The average writer experiences lots of highs and lows. This panel will focus on how to survive and thrive on the roller coaster. Panelists: Carrie Patel, Eli Effinger-Weintraub, Catherine Lundoff, Jay Gallentine (mod), Chrysoula Tzavelas


Friday, July 1 • 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Rise of Dark Fantasy

Fans of dark fantasy have more choices than ever on TV: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, and the list goes on. Why the trend, and will it continue? Panelists: Cetius d'Raven, Jessica Walsh, Catherine Lundoff, Patrick Marsh (mod), Jody Wurl

Saturday, July 2 • 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Why Afrofuturism?

What is Afrofuturism? What can be learned from it? How can you support it? Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Rob Callahan (mod), Ytasha Womack, Gregory Parks

Saturday, July 2 • 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Small Businesses in the Geek Community

Strategies for starting and running a geeky small business. The discussion will include: funding strategies, selling online, involvement with local conventions & festivals, developing unique creations, testing the market, & working with fellow artisans. Panelists: Tania Richter, phillip andrew bennett low, Dorianne Jarchow, Anj Olsen, Catherine Lundoff

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Okay, so registration on Friday night was a disaster. It was a disaster that started out as an inconvenience, then ramped up to an accessibility issue. Here's what I gleaned about how that came about: somewhere along the line, it got decided that the con (which gets attendance in the 4000+ range) should have a signed code of conduct from each attendee. Okay. There's a registration database, customized for the con, but for some reason, the form wasn't included in the preregistration options; I can only assume that it was a late addition. I know that I got a copy in an email on the 11th but didn't get around to running off a copy before the con. I had a LOT of company, as it turns out, and it would have made little difference if I had run it off beforehand.

What they decided to do instead was to set up a couple of stations and one printer. Each con goer in line was expected to run off a personalized print out of the code in order to get a printed on the spot badge. No provisions were made for people with obvious mobility issues or small children or panelists or vendors or preregistration at the door, or any other logical breakdown that would have helped this process in any way. Periodically, small handfuls of people who had printed the code off were run through faster, but not consistently or often. I ended up in line for over two hours, with no sitting and one cup of water. I think the people further back ended up waiting even longer. One vendor I spoke to the next day told me he was in line for 4 hours, due to various issues which got him returned to the back of the line for sundry reasons, only one of which seemed to have much to do with something he had forgotten to bring. Anybody who had any programming or plans for Friday night and didn't already have a badge by 5PM missed a big chunk of the evening. So, yeah, disaster.

Why was this an accessibility issue? Let's start out with all the folks who couldn't stand in line that long. I stayed because I had a morning panel and I had no idea whether things would improve in the morning, and I thought I needed a badge. At the end of my time in line, I had a swollen knee and a hypoglycemic crash, neither of which were fun. I also had a badge and a signed, personalized code of conduct that neither I or probably anyone else in that line actually read, thereby reducing its effectiveness to nil. But I was also not the elderly man with the cane who one of the line volunteers persuaded to get up from one of the few chairs to stand in line again, despite the fact that he seemed unsteady on his feet (I was too far away to hear what actually got said, in all fairness, but could see the affect). There were folks with walkers and wheelchairs or using canes or crutches (this does not, of course, include less visible disabilities that would have made all this unpleasant, if not impossible), standing in line for well over an hour in many cases. The registration volunteers either couldn't or didn't look for other options. And, based on conversations I had the next day, a lot of people paid for it in physical discomfort. The con was very, very lucky that no one passed out or had a seizure or other issue.

I have no idea how those decisions got made within the Con Com, but I really hope that that they do better next year. A signed code of conduct is all well and go but it's only effective if someone actually reads it and agrees to abide by it. One of the things that I like about CONvergence is the "Costumes are not Consent" campaign which includes posters and flyer throughout the con. Many of these are humorous, but all of them taken together help create some level of awareness around harassment. I assume that was one of the intended points of Arisia's code of conduct. Maybe some day, I'll get the opportunity to read it and find out under less unpleasant circumstances.

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Last weekend, we went to our second trip to Boston and Arisia. Boston kicked off splendidly with a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. On the way, we ran across a terrific hurdy-gurdy player in the train station who proved to be the famed Donald Heller of the Hurdy-Gurdy Band. We didn't know he was famed, precisely, at first, but we had acquired a taste for the hurdy-gurdy when we went to the late, lamented Nordic Roots Festivals at the Cedar Cultural Center. And he's very good and very charming and we geeked about hurdy-gurdies and such and bought a CD. Good stuff!

From there, we went on to the Museum, where a nice man stopped us on the steps and handed us two tickets to the Museum, thereby saving us $50. He said it was too crowded for him that day and was headed for quieter pastures so we got to celebrate part of our 22nd anniversary trotting around a lovely museum. Amongst our discoveries, actress Sara Bernhardt was also a sculptor! This is a fabulous self-portrait of herself as a sphinx.

After that, we were off to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, with its glorious interior courtyard. Lovely furniture, art, tapestries and other sundry pretty things to look at, plus a nice cafe and good gift shop. Definitely going back there again next time we're in town. Then we went back to the con, and things went awry for a bit (see next post).

Saturday's panel on Founding Mothers of SF and F went pretty well. We covered a lot of genre territory, from Mry Shelley and Margaret Cavendish to the Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain to Shirley Jackson, Zenna Henderson, Naomi Mitchison, Octavia Butler, Elizabeth Lynn, Angela Carter, Marge Piercy, Joanna Russ and others. The audience was very involved and interested so there were a lot of good additions and questions. I went on to a very entertaining talk on bad cover art while Jana went on to various art programs. After that, I tracked down the fine folks at the Broad Universe table and roamed around with one of my friends. Then Jana and I wrapped up our evening by enjoying dinner at a local restaurant with author Jude McLaughlin and her lovely wife. And we got back to the hotel in time for the Worldcon 75 (Helsinki) Party and I got to meet Crystal Huff and we both sampled reindeer pate and pine tar soda, as you do.

Sunday was miscellaneous stuff, then lunch with the fabulous Julia Rios, followed by a very nice party/discussion for the Outer Alliance. I haven't had the opportunity to sit around with a group of queer-identified folks of different ages and backgrounds and identities and chat.  Plus, there were really good munchies. Sacchi Green gives good party, just saying. And we got to hang more over dinner after that. 

The masquerade was impressive (we watched it on TV) and the rest of our time was spent working on sundry projects until we had to head home. Overall, people were pleasant, the programming we went to was decent to good and the hotel was quite nice.

In the next post, I'll talk a bit about what didn't go as well.

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It is some indication of how this week has gone that it's taken me until now to do this.

For the first time ever, I got a day off on 4th of July weekend so Thursday morning and afternoon was Mom-related fun, followed by showing up at the con and getting informed that my badge was to be held hostage until I picked up something at the Art Show (an item which I couldn't pick up last year). After some discussion, the nice volunteer gave me my badge on the promise that I would in fact go to the Art Show. I wandered off, ran into the McCulloughs and hung out in their room to chat for a bit about sundry recent events. We then went down to the Art Show, where the door volunteer tried to check my wallet (regular-sized) along with my bag. Minor wacky hijinks ensued but I was eventually allowed into the Art Show as long as I talked to the person at the table. So I skipped the entire art show, went in solely to pick up my item and left without checking my wallet at the door, because this was so very much not going to happen.

From there, I was off to meet folks at the the tail end of the Skiffy and Fanty panel, then on to my Shakespeare in Fantasy panel. We appointed a moderator and had a lively discussion, in which we split on several modernized versions of the plays and debated whether or not
Macbeth had more fantasy content than Hamlet and if A Winter's Tale had any fantasy content. Good panel, good audience and fun discussion. Sherry, Kevin and Elise then picked me up for dinner and ended up at the Friday's, which was surprisingly slow - I think they got overwhelmed, since they' usually very on the ball. But dinner was perfectly fine and there were appetizers and much discussion of recent events. I headed home shortly after this because I knew Friday would be a long day.

I got back on Friday morning first thing for breakfast at the Hotel Formerly Known as The Sofitel with Shaun Duke of Skiffy and Fanty fame, Paul Weimer of SF SIgnal and sundry other podcasts and other awesomeness and Shaun's brother, Andy, whose name I'm hopefully getting right. We had a really fun breakfast and talked about books and fandom and SFWA and a bunch of other things in the fab world of genre. Then we scattered back into the con and I made a short pass through the Dealer's Room and stopped off to talk to bookseller Dave Christiansen and pick up a few titles. Michael Thomas chanced by with his daughter and we went outside to sit and chat for a bit. Then I was off to lunch with Sigrid Ellis of Apex Magazine and Paul Weimer, this time to chat about publishers, things we were up to and recent events, amongst other things.

I went off to do some quicky research on urban fantasy for an afternoon panel, then stopped by to listen in on a panel on magic (I think, though that may have been later on) with Kelly McCullough, Kameron Hurley, Martha Well, Doug Hulick and Sean Murphy, then on to my panel on afternoon panel on making "Urban Fantasy More Urban." Along the way, I discovered that my name was not yet removed from the Art Show Wall O' Shame despite having picked up my item,so I began getting reminders about it from sundry concerned people (this became a theme well on into the evening). I took over as moderator, something which the other panelists accepted with grace and style, and we had a decent discussion about diversity and urban settings in urban fantasy. it wasn't as deep as I would have liked but it went reasonably well from a panelist perspective.

Martha Wells picked me up for dinner and we headed back to the former Sofitel. Apart from a kitchen snafu, which got resolved, the food has quite tasty and the company was excellent. I have to say that this was my favorite series of meals at a con this whole year, simply because I was with interesting people. So, thanks lovely dining companions! :-) After dinner, we headed back across the street and I caught a SkepChicks panel on the science of Breaking Bad, which was quite interesting. After that I hung out for a bit doing some odds and ends online and got yet more reminders about the Art Show (see above note about checking my wallet, which is why I didn't just go in and insist that my name be expunged from said Wall). I finally gave up and approached the door volunteers and explained the situation to them. One of them was kind enough to go in and cross my name out, thus ending that particular ordeal.

After that, I had panels at 10PM and at 11:30PM. These timeslots are later than I usually let anyone schedule me because a. I'm tired and not at my best and b. given the last few months, I'm unbelievably tired and not at my best. And so we will gloss over "Jane Austen Mashups" which was not my favorite panel of the weekend, though well short of epic trainwreck. I caught up with Elise, then went on to the Tech Sex panel. This was the most diverse lineup I was on all weekend and was also my first time on a SkepChicks panel (apparently, I'm a fellow traveler, which is all good). Lively discussion about sex toys, virtual reality, and sundry related topics ensued and the audience behaved well, despite being packed in like sardines.

And then I went home and collapsed and was good for absolutely nothing the next day. I spent the time trying to recover from the last couple of months as well as the night before and puttering about the house. Sunday was another Mom Day, followed by joining Michael and Sherry Merriam and friends in celebrating Michael and Sherry's 18th wedding anniversary. This was lovely and fun and followed by heading back home to do a few novel revisions, and collapse. Unsurprisingly, Monday brought a killer migraine (the weather went nuts and my new magic pills weren't up to that much overload) and day jobbery. And the rest of the week, with all that went with it.

Apart from the Art Show issues (I don't think the punitive approach is working), it was a perfectly fine con, with many cool things going and I extend my congratulations to them for pulling off another one.  But I went into it utterly drained and came out more so and now need to deal with yet more stuff. I'm hoping to take a few days off to get out of town and offline to recover next month, which I think will be a dire necessity by then. In the meantime, I'm hoping to get some short fiction collections proposals out this weekend and some more revisions done. Then it will be on to workshop proposals and finishing up a story to get out the door. Pedal to the metal and all that. Wish me luck, since I suspect I'll need it.

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CONvergence schedule...and I've just realized that I didn't get a reading slot. Debating on whether or not to push for one since I don't have a new book out this year (though I am working on something). I also didn't get around to proposing a Broad Universe reading, because reasons, mostly of the stress and overload variety. If you're going to the con, got an opinion on whether or not I should ask for a reading? Would you show up if I did?

Thursday, July 3 • 5:00pm - 6:00pm
 From mythical kings like Lear and Cymbeline to the mage Prospero and his monsters in The Tempest to the fairies of Midsummer Night's Dream, and ghosts all over the place. Why are these plays still speaking to us 400+ years later? Panelists: Tim Lieder, Catherine Lundoff, Paul Weimer, Ruth Berman, Mark Goldberg
Thursday July 3, 2014 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Atrium 7

Friday, July 4 • 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Making Urban Fantasy More Urban
Large cities around the world have diverse populations and urban-specific problems: transportation, economic inequity, getting food, etc. Let' s talk about urban fantasy that reflects cities as we know and love/loathe them. Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Christoforo Pasquarette, Kara Redding, Aimee Kuzenski
Friday July 4, 2014 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Atrium 3

Friday, July 4 • 10:00pm - 11:00pm
Jane Austen Mashups

It's the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s works. Let's discuss the various takeoffs, mashups, and homages, from vampire and zombies to Twitter accounts. Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Joan Sullivan, Sarah Barsness, Hilary Moon Murphy, Samma Johnson (mod)
Friday July 4, 2014 10:00pm - 11:00pm
Atrium 3

Friday, July 4 • 11:30pm - 12:30am
Tech Sex
New technology is often used to explore sexuality and sexual identity; its more sexually charged uses often determine the course for technological innovations. We will explore the complex intersections of sexuality, gender, identity, and technology. Panelists: Miri Mogilevsky, Lyndzi Miller, Heina Dadabhoy, Samantha Bitner, Catherine Lundoff
Friday July 4, 2014 11:30pm - 12:30am
Atrium 2

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Marscon: Time is the Key is fast upon us this next weekend and I am once more one of the writer guests (huzzah!). It is a fun medium-sized convention (generally between 400-800 attendees or so) and I highly recommend it. :-)
Here's what I'm doing:

Adventures in Time (A Time Travel Panel that’s Not About Doctor Who)
Atrium 2 (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 09:00 pm
Time travel romance, time travel literary novels, classic sf (H.G. Wells) - all of these play with the notion of characters who travel across time and sometimes, space, to find adventure, true love and/or to right wrongs. What are some of your favorites? Cliches you hate? What would you like to see that you haven‘t yet?
With: Catherine Lundoff, mod.; Ruth Berman, Michael Merriam

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Atrium 2 (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 11:00 am
An annual MarsCon event. Members of Broad Universe do short readings from their recent work.
With: Catherine Lundoff, host; Aimee Kuzenski, Kathryn Sullivan

Alternate History and the History of Time
Exec Lounge (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 12:00 pm
Alternate history hinges on precipitating events which change everything after them, but does history really work this way over time? Or do things just even out and go back to stasis after awhile? Discussion of alternate history as a genre
With: Bridget Landry, Catherine Lundoff, mod.; Felicia Herman, G. David Nordley

It's a light weekend by my standards, so I'll probably finagle my way onto another panel of interest. Hope to see some of you there!

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As I noted in the last post, this is not the most representative couple of posts on what Arisia is like for most people, just me. It was a fun and lively convention and I would definitely be willing to go back. Now back to what I actually did there.

So having messed up on times, I hung out with Connie Wilkins until we needed to work the BU table. The table was hopping, thought not so much for us. Lots of people stopped to get badge tags and info and some books by other people, plus interesting socializing with other Broads. At one point, I met Rose Mambert of
Pink Narcissus Press, who was quite entertaining.From there, we were off to dinner with Connie and family, then back up to the room for me to deal with my worsening migraine.

Then back down again to moderate an 8:30 panel - Unheard Voices of SF/F/H.
This is a roadshow panel  that we've been doing at a number of conventions with representatives from Broad Universe, the Carl Brandon Society and Outer Alliance. talking about each organization, why we all exist and what we hope to do next (I'm a Board member for BU, a founding member of Outer Alliance and a member of Carl Brandon, hence the "we"). The full panel discussion will be up at the Outer Alliance podcast in a few weeks so this is just based on what I remember at a high level while moderating and having a migraine. .K. Tempest Bradford stepped in for Nisi Shawl (who sat in the audience and asked us to call her "Nalo," which made for lots of fun comic relief); other panelists included Andrea Hairston, Julia Rios, Trisha Wooldridge, Victor Raymond and me.

Resources that the organizations offer:
Broad Universe is an organization that exists to promote women writing science fiction, fantasy and horror (women are defined as anyone self-identifying as female). Resources/benefits of membership include: social media, newsletter, online discussion group, website catalog of member works, a podcast, rapidfire readings at conventions and tables at conventions.
Carl Brandon is an organization that exists to promote racial and ethnic diversity in both the writing and reading of science fiction and fantasy. The organization runs the Parallax and Kindred Awards, as well as the Octavia Butler Scholarship fund to send writers of color to Clarion and the Con or Bust auction, which provides financial support to fans of color wanting to attend cons. They also host parties at several conventions, including Arisia and WisCon.
The Outer Alliance is an organization that exists to promote and support the writing and reading of LGBTQ science fiction, fantasy and horror. There is a podcast, an online discussion group and a reading group at WisCon, as well as panels such as this one.

We discussed visibility and invisibility, some of the authors that we've lost, small presses that promote diversity, things we'd like to do if we had the people power and resources, issues in the field that make each organization essential, conventions that are friendly to diversity, and related topics. It was lively, as promised, and I'll post a link to the podcast when it's available. Check out each organization's website for some resources. I'll post more as I think of them.

We left the panel, stopped off to talk to Victor and some of his friends and ended up in the bar, as one does. we spent a jolly hour or so talking about conventions, queer fandom, LGBTQ organizing and other related topics. And I may be headed back to Boston for an upcoming con. More bulletins as events warrant. We made vague plans to meet Victor the next morning but the hellacious hotel wifi made connecting nearly impossible. So we ended up wandering down to the restaurant on Sunday morning and crashing the breakfast that Victor, Tempest and a friend were having. More food, more chatting, occasional bits of gossip and sordid anecdotes ensued. As they do.

Jana went off to go look for a bookstore and I stayed, fully intending to go to panels. I got a message that James Nicoll had some questions about BU and went to his guest interview, which was very entertaining. He and I wandered back up through the hotel and I ended up crashing the lunch he was having with a friend (we have a theme for Sunday!). And there was more hanging out and chatting. Then off to the Art Show so I could recover my fabulous little bird bone earrings and skull box, then down to the Dealer's Room. And from thence, on to an early dinner with Julia Rios. Jana took off for a panel and Julia and I retired to our room to hang out until her next panel and the Masquerade.

After that, Jana and I hung out, complimented people on their costumes, then went and vegged out. So, overall, good  relaxing time, bruises, migraine and all. Good chatting with friends and meeting new people and all of the things that make for a good con weekend.

Monday's trip back was pleasant and mellow. So now we are back to the regularly scheduled programs of unpacking the office, putting stuff away, dealing with Mom and so forth. Thanks for a fine and pleasant con, Arisia!

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Replete with the usual namedropping, because I know awesome people. And, really, that's how much of my con time is spent these days. I set out to go to a reading or a panel, I run into someone and then I'm off to go talk or meet or whatever the equivalent is. I'm not complaining, but it did mean that I saw less of Arisia than I originally thought that I might.

That said, we got into Boston early on Thursday afternoon and got to the hotel without incident, then were off into the city to
Brattle Book Shop which was old and creeky and charming. We picked up a copy of Virginia Woolf essays, Coaching Days and Coaching Ways (with the Hugh Thomson illustrations), Thurber's The White Deer, and fine press editions of the Songs of Sappho and Shakespeare's Sonnets, all for very reasonable prices. Then it was back to the hotel for dinner and sleeping, since we'd gotten up at 3:30AM to catch our flight and were pretty groggy by then.

Friday, Jana went off to go explore and network with other binders, while I holed up in the room and did some writing before meeting up with Victor Raymond for lunch. From there, I was off
to help set up the Broad Universe table in the Dealer's Room, where I got to hang out with our esteemed pres, Trisha Wooldridge and her husband Scott, the nice folks from Spencer Hill Press and a bunch of other fun folks. An expedition to the business center resulted in me running into Fan GOH James Nicoll (we'd met online, but not in person) as well as getting copies. Then it was back to the BU table for me until I needed to leave for dinner with Jana and sparkymonster. This was lovely, except for the part where Jana limped in, having taken a bad (bruising, back spasms) fall on the steps of one of the libraries. but she soldiered on bravely and we had a fine chat about fannish and personal stuff and lady's undergarments, as one does.

I then headed back down to the Dealer's Room, where I got to guard the table while a bunch of other Broads did party setup. I went up and checked on Jana, who was still convalescing, then went on to the Broad Universe Party where I met up with the fabulous Connie Wilkins/Sacchi Green. We hung out at BU for a bit, then went on to the Circlet Press party next door, where we chatted with publisher/editor/writer Cecilia Tan and other folks. Then onward and upward to the Carl Brandon Society party where we chatted a bit with Nisi Shawl, Julia Rios, K. Tempest Bradford and other folks, and got a demo of what I have come to think of as "Stupid White People Tricks." This particular instance started with a conversation about the House Elves in the Potterverse, which got turned into a mini lecture by a white fanboy on the extent to which enslaved people "buy into" or become "comfortable" with their status as slaves and are then  redefined as "willing slaves.". This went over about as one would expect (hint: badly), while derailing what might have otherwise been an interesting conversation.  At any rate, his companion took him away shortly thereafter, we hung out for a bit longer, then headed off to our respective rooms.

Saturday morning, Jana and I headed down for breakfast and ran into James again, this time sweeping him up to join us for breakfast. We had a lovely conversation about cats and sf/f and assorted other stuff. Then we went off to the Art Show, where we ran into Connie and her family. At which point, I developed a migraine, just in time to go collapse before the BU RFR. Jana went off to panels, I pulled it together to go read. We had a full room and lots of good readings. I ducked out to go work the table, only to discover I'd written my shift times down wrong. So I bought tea in the Dealer's Room and headed back up to the reading, in time for it to let out.

To be con't...

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2013's upcoming event and writing-related activities. I'll be adding more as they get finalized and linking as soon as there are things to link to.

  •  Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event, throughout the month of January. I'll be doing a guest post on host author K.T.Grant's blog on writing lesbian and bi characters in historical fiction, 1/12/13.
  • Guest blog on author Cathy Pegau's blog on the topic of  "In Person Events for Writers."
  • Author reading on Wednesday, January 23rd at 7PM at Subtext: A Bookstore in St. Paul

  •  GCLS Conference Blog - guest blog on my experiences at the GCLS Conference. TBD
  • Marscon -  March 1-3, Minneapolis. Attending professional.
  • Portland Lesbian Book Salon - March 3. Q&A by phone, since I can't make it to Oregon, alas.
  • Quatrefoil Library - March 16th, Minneapolis. Quatrefoil's new location - annual women's fiction reading with several other authors.
  • Hour of the Wolf Radio Show, WBAI, NYC. Tentatively scheduled for March 19th. Reading and interview.

  • WisCon, May 24-27th. Attending professional.
  • S.E. Wisconsin Festival of Books - September 20-22. I'm scheduled for a panel called "OUTspoken and OUTfront: LGBTQ Writers Moving Beyond Binaries" on Saturday, 9/21 in the afternoon. 
  • North Country Gaylaxians Book Club - October 8th, Discussion of Silver Moon at Quatrefoil Library, St. Paul 7PM.
  • Minneapolis Lesfic Book Club - October 30, Discussion of Silver Moon, 7:30PM (not generally open to the public - contact me for details if you want to attend).

Somewhere in here, I'm signed up to do some mentoring for GCLS and a few other things which are very much TBD. All in all, I'm hoping to keep it a lighter year than 2012 so I can get in more writing. We'll see how that goes.
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is brief and will allow for wacky things that I seldom get to do at cons, like laze about, read, go to panels and hang out with friends (and possibly holing up in the room to work on revisions), maybe even see some of Boston. I'm so looking forward to this! If you're going to be there, please let me know. :-)
Full con schedule and info is

Saturday, January 18th -

1:00 PM Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading — Writing, Reading — 1hr 30min — Hale (3W)
Broad Universe is an international organization of women and men dedicated to celebrating and promoting the work of women writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Come hear samples from the works of several members of the Broad Universe organization.
Elizabeth Black, Terri Bruce, Kelly Hashway, Rachel Kenley, Ellen Larson, Catherine Lundoff, Gail Z. Martin, KT Pinto, Jennifer Allis Provost, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Roberta Rogow, Connie Wilkins, Trisha Wooldridge, Phoebe Wray

8:30 PM The Unheard Voices of SF/F/H — Literature, Panel — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
What amazing voices and stories are we missing out on in science fiction, fantasy, and horror due to lack of representation, support, or a myriad of other things? What are some things that suppress/oppress different voices and stories? What is being done to boost the signal of women, authors of color, and QUILTBAG authors? What can readers do to find these voices? Members of Broad Universe, the Carl Brandon Society, and Outer Alliance discuss these issues and more in a lively panel discussion.
Andrea Hairston, Catherine Lundoff (m), Victor Raymond PhD, Julia Rios, Nisi Shawl, Trisha Wooldridge
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My preliminary CONvergence 2013 schedule:

Friday, July 5
Local Bookstores
Let's look past Amazon and Barnes & Noble and explore what local book stores have to offer readers. What are the best in the area and what can we do (beyond shopping there) to keep them in business? Panelists: Eric Heideman, Catherine Lundoff
Friday July 5, 2013 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Sofitel Dijon

Social Media Marketing for Creatives

Strategies and tips for successfully marketing your geeky creative endeavor or business on various social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn will be discussed. Panelists: Christopher Jones, Hal Bichel (mod), Catherine Lundoff, Heather Luca, Anjila Olsen
Friday July 5, 2013 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Sofitel Bordeaux

British Women Fantasy Writers

Great Britain has given the world some amazing women fantasy writers: Angela Carter, E. Nesbit, Mary Norton, Tanith Lee, Liz Williams, Gwyneth Jones and J.K. Rowling all spring to mind. Let's talk about their works. Panelists: Rebecca Marjesdatter, Catherine Lundoff
Friday July 5, 2013 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Sofitel Dijon

They Came From Fandom!

Professional writers who started out as fans before becoming pros spill their "secrets". How did fandom influence your writing? What fandoms were/are you a part of? Did your relationship with fandom changed when you got published? How did you do it? Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Joan Marie Verba, Emma Bull, Lyda Morehouse, Patrick Nelson Hayden
Friday July 5, 2013 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Atrium 4

Saturday, July 6

Mythic Britain

Discussion of the early myths of Britain in the pre-Roman era, and their continuance in folklore and literature to the modern day. Panelists: Phillip Andrew Bennett Low, John Heimbuch, J Boone Dryden, Catherine Lundoff, Paul Cornell
Saturday July 6, 2013 9:30am - 10:30am
Plaza 2

Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading

Members of Broad Universe do short readings from their recent work. Panelists: Kathy Sullivan, Catherine Schaff-Stump, Catherine Lundoff
Saturday July 6, 2013 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Should be interesting. I'm particularly curious to see how many people make it to the Sofitel (across the street from the main hotel). Should be interesting.



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Marscon 2012 is coming up here - March 9-11, to be precise. It will be the usual fun of a 3 day sf/f convention - books, panels, music, masquerade, gaming and good conversation. It's one of my favorite local cons, what with being both fun and small enough to enjoy and get around at. Come on down and check it out!

Here's the main schedule:

And here's what I'm doing:

Writin’ the Apocalypse
Krushenko’s (13th Floor) — Saturday 11:00 am
An overview of literary accounts of the apocalypse, from Revelation to Ragnorak, to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s The Last Man, Philip Wylie’s When Worlds Collide, Nevil Shute’s On the Beach, Richard Matheson’s I am Legend, and much more. Who writes a really good apocalypse? And what about an apocalypse we love to hate? Ecological devastation, nuclear war, zombies, apes, the Umbrella Corporation—pick your poison and come discuss.
With: Catherine Lundoff, mod.; Roy C. Booth, Eric M. Heideman, Lyda Morehouse, Edward E. Rom

In Memoriam: Anne McCaffrey, 1926-2011
Re(a)d Mars/Taylor (2nd Floor) — Saturday 12:00 pm
On the life and works of the creator of the Dragonriders of Pern and The Ship Who Sang.
With: Catherine Asaro, S.N. Arly, mod.; Catherine Lundoff, Lyda Morehouse, Kathryn Sullivan

Women at the End of the World, or What Can That Boy Do With His Dog?
Re(a)d Mars/Taylor (2nd Floor) — Saturday 04:00 pm
We’ve come a long way since “A Boy and His Dog,” but not as far as many of us would like. Tank Girl, Major Eden Sinclair in “Doomsday,” Katniss Everdeen, Loup Garron of Santa Olivia and Sarah Connor are some of the more recent post-apocalyptic women, but are they enough to get us past being victims/food? Come talk about the post-apocalyptic you love or hate and what you’d like to see next.
With: Catherine Lundoff, mod.; Rebecca Marjesdatter

Broad Universe Rapidfire Reading
Re(a)d Mars/Taylor (2nd Floor) — Sunday 01:00 pm
Members of Broad Universe read short excerpts of their work.
With: Catherine Lundoff, host; Catherine Schaff-Stumpf, Kathryn Sullivan, Anna Waltz


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