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2019 is off to a running start! I'll be teaching two classes at Cat Rambo's Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers:I also just got an invite to be a presenting author at UntitledTown, Green Bay, Wisconsin's fairly new book and author festival, April 26-28th. Not sure which of my proposals they accepted, but will update when I know. Last year's GOH was Roxanne Gay, so I'm optimistic that the lineup will be interesting.

I'm in discussions with Cream & Amber, the Twin Cities' newest bookstore about a Spring event too, so stay tuned for that also. Currently cleaning up last year's stuff and launching this year's - it's going to be pretty exciting. And exhausting. Full steam ahead!
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First the interview. The delightful Loren Rhoads invited me to her blog to answer 5 Questions, most of them about Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space). I've got a couple of these coming up on various author blogs - huge thanks to my hosts! Please check out Loren's blog and books.

The MN Women's Art Festival went splendidly and Jana and I both sold lots of things. And then I woke up on Sunday with Hell Cold still in full play, an ear infection and a migraine. Then today, I discovered that the ear infection is kind of a big deal so I'm on several antibiotics and still in a fair amount of pain. Sigh. I do, of course, have a
Scourge of the Seas of Time reading coming up on Thursday night at Eat My Words Bookstore and a Queer Author Holiday Sale and Benefit at the L Spot on Saturday. Plus a play in between. There were tons of things I wanted to do this week and none of them involved having a massive infection that may work its way into the bones of my ear (this was joyous news). So please root for the antibiotics. If they don't dent this thing by tomorrow, I have to go for more intensive things and really don't want that. Also, I want to go see "The Favourite" while it's still in town. Sigh.

Also, come to our events. And please buy books. You'll like them, really.

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Yesterday was Queen of Swords Press's second foray into the Twin Cities Book Festival (I made two prior appearances as an author selling books and as a featured author) and it was a pretty good day. We got a good spot near some high-powered larger presses, not far from either the front door or the main signing table. Traffic was good and my tabling buddy, author Michael Merriam is a fine companion (you should read his books too). On the less jolly side, the building is unheated and was pretty cold for the first hour and a half. And one of the other vendors, not sure which, made the unfortunate decision to play atonal flute music at their table, the same tunes over and over all day... They weren't close to us, which was good, but I think they were audible everywhere. Le sigh.

At any rate, apart from that, we both sold books. I signed up folks for the Queen of Swords Press Newsletter (sign up today to be entered in the quarterly prize drawing for a free ebook) and we handed out a ton of cards for our upcoming reading and signing at DreamHaven Books on December 5th. This will be the release party for Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space), AKA the pirate anthology! and it will be awesome. We also handed out a bunch of promo cards for the Minnesota Women's Art Festival on December 8th, where Jana Pullman and I will have a table. Mike and I got recruited for a new writing event, I got interviewed for someone's vlog, Mike got invited to do a storytelling gig and I made arrangements for a new library sale. So, a good time all around. I hope to table at next year's fest too!


Jan. 27th, 2018 04:59 pm
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At some point, I planned on posting at least once a week. *Checks calendar* Well, that's blown. So, what have I been up to? I spent last weekend at a friend's house on a writing retreat while they are traveling. This netted me final edits to Alex Acks' awesome new book, Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures, coming soonish from Queen of Swords Press, several thousand words on new stories and on Blood Moon, the sequel to Silver Moon, and some sundry other things. I'm back in seclusion this weekend, trying to get one story done for an upcoming deadline, plus traction on other stuff. Blood Moon is about a third of the way through first draft, FYI, so progress.

I'm going to be interviewed on Hannah's Bookshelf, a North Manchester FM radio show hosted by Hannah Priest, who does a ton of great work. It will go live on the web next weekend, barring technical difficulties.
The week after that, I'll be recording an episode of the Cocktail Hour Podcast, which is always fun. I've also confirmed that I'll be on programming at OutWrite in D.C. in August so I need to plan for that. Got a party request in for WisCon in May and a table request in for St. Cloud Pride in September. Gonna be an exciting year! Other confirmed events include ClexaCon in Vegas in April, Anderson Library at the U. of MN in March and then, we'll see. Hoping for World Fantasy in Baltimore in November!

Other projects: new book needed for a multiauthor promotion this year, which will probably be Emily L. Byrne's erotic sf romance Medusa's Touch, since that's the only one that can be done by early May; a pirate anthology currently in the planning stages; another short fiction collection, either romances or historicals. Oh yeah, and planning for 2019, which will require me doing something about finding another book and author to get on the schedule. The big Queen of Swords Press plan has always been to build up gradually: 4 book a year (at most!) while I have to work full time, with the first year being all titles by me, the second being 2 titles by me, 2 by other people and year three being 3 titles by other people and one by me. So we'll see how that goes.

Work put toward finding a new day job: none, so far. Except for feelers, which may turn out to be the best idea. In 4 months, I've torn a ligament, gotten mild stomach flu, gotten Norovirus and had a concussion. Oddly enough, it's not inspiring a lot of job hunting mojo, go figure. I've got a few more months, in any case, and may yet get a short extension in 2019 so things are by no means urgent yet. Back to the grindstone for a bit now.

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Somewhat improbably, seeing as I no longer drink beer or other alcohol and haven't for a number of years now, I'm participating in the first local Books and Beer Pop-up Bookstore at Lake Monster Brewing in St. Paul on 5/11 (tomorrow night or tonight, depending on when you read this), from 5-9. There will be 25 participating authors and one local indie bookstore, Moon Palace Books, representing a bunch of different genres. It should be fun. C'mon down and say hi. I'll be nursing a few sips of beer along with about a gallon of water. :-)
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Started the planning for next year's events: Worldcon in Helsinki is definite, barring some event preventing it. I'm thinking I'm due for Golden Crown Literary (lesbian fiction conference), seeing as it's in Chicago and I haven't been for a couple of years. I'd like to go to World Fantasy in San Antonio because Martha Wells is Toastmaster and is awesome. I I'm probably not going to do a ton of local cons this year, due to a combination of burnout and some not-great-to-bad experiences in the last year. But bar conning is an option.

If time and money are no obstacles (hah!), I'd love to fit in Sirens in Denver, and depending on dates, Outwrite (new LGBTQ writers conference) in D.C. The latter because I could also fit in a visit to the new African American History Museum! 

What events are you folks going to in 2017?

EDITED: I had originally included Madison area convention, Odyssey Con, on my list of possibilities for next year. I have just learned that the con com has decided to make serial sexual harasser Jim Frenkel their Guest Liason for 2017. There are also several other people on the con com who might best be termed "controversial" (like the dude who was very outspoken against POC Safer Space at WisCon within recent memory) so I would advise caution if you're thinking of attending.

On the bright side, WisCon is now back on the possible list.


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