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 Michael Merriam and I are doing our second local reading from Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) tonight at Eat My Words Bookstore in Minneapolis from 7-8PM. Pirates, chocolate and signed books! What's more fun than that?

Big news!

Dec. 7th, 2018 06:43 pm
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*Taps mic, clears throat, croaks from stupid, lingering cold* Publishers Weekly LIKES SCOURGE OF THE SEAS OF TIME (AND SPACE)! Rather a LOT! This is a very nice review and the first for a Queen of Swords Press title. :-D I am chair dancing to David Bowie and singing Labyrinth songs to one of my cats, in case you wondered.

You can find copies at DreamHaven Books, at the Queen of Swords Press table on Saturday at the MN Women's Art Festival,  at Eat My Words Bookstore on 12/13 or at the Queer Author Holiday Book Fair and Benefit at The L Spot on 12/15. Or any of the usual places fine books are sold. :-D

Off to go recover from Hell Cold in time for tomorrow's event.

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It's here and it is glorious, even if I am a tad biased!
Check out reviews and order direct from Queen of Swords Press here. Or get it at Smashwords, Amazon, IndieBound, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and a bunch of other places. Your local library can get it via Overdrive or Ingram. I will have copies at all my upcoming events (see pinned post) and DreamHaven Books will have copies later on this week. Perfect holiday or birthday or whenever gift!

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 Book reviewer extraordinaire Paul Weimer interviewed me about editing Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) for the Skiffy and Fanty Blog.
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Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) is imminent - just 3 more days and I have the jitters like whoa. I also have 2 readings coming up (DreamHaven Bookstore and Eat My Words Bookstore), 3 forthcoming interviews about the book, multiple announcements, 13 potential reviews, including one in Publisher's Weekly, 4 upcoming book tables and 3 online events. And that's just December. While working full time and trying to write my new novel (Blood Moon - werewolves!), gaming-related stuff and a new short story. Not to mention planning next year's events and books. In my defense, I thought I was getting laid off.

And through it all is the constant thrumming terror that this book will tank, that it won't sell, that I won't get it together to do another book. I also worry about the horror perpetuated by my country's government, my family and friends, environmental and social collapse and the insanity of my day job. But I function best with more manageable worries, so the book and the Press are front and center right now. Alright, nose to grindstone, off to do more work and hope for the best.

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I added a few more events in December because sleep is for the weak or something. Last December, I was still recovering from a torn shoulder tendon, norovirus and my first bout of stomach flu of last winter (followed by a second bout AND a concussion) so I didn't do much by way of holiday book promotion. This year, I'm making up for lost time and doing ALL the things. In addition to 2 readings and 3 book tables, I'll be participating in the Women & Words Hootenanny and Emily Byrne will be on the Best Lesbian Erotica Blog Tour and the I Heart Lesfic Holiday Sale. Going to be lively!

In other news, my forthcoming pirate anthology, Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) is starting to get some good buzz. There's a nice review on NetGalley already and geek blog The Nerdy Girl Express just posted an excellent review this morning. It's up for preorder for both ebook and print and other print now and you can add it to your Goodreads list and all that good stuff.

This week is doing some catch up stuff, then going to see Raiders of the Lost Ark at the new Parkway Theater on Thursday, then checking out a reading at Eat My Words on Friday and going to here some friends read at the Subverted Fairy Project Reading at the Phoenix on Saturday. After that, I'll be sequestered at a secret location to writer and edit for a few days. Then I'll be enjoying some Friendsgiving times with various friends. More on all of that later though. Now to go empty the foot spa and get some sleep.

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On the happy, jolly end of things, I'll be doing a short reading and selling books at Wordbrew 6 this Sunday at Kieran's Irish Pub in Minneapolis. I also won a tea sampler in a contest that I don't remember entering. Desert Sage Natural makes some lovely spiced coffee so I look forward to trying their tea. I saw Colette last night and enjoyed it quite a bit. Lovely to see a movie about a pioneering woman writer that isn't carefully dequeered and/or defeminized. Splendid performances too; this is a role that Keira Knightley suits perfectly and the filmakers do a good job with the other queer characters as well. Other films seen in the last week that I also enjoyed: I Am Not Your Negro and Disobedience.

On the less happy end of things: Arisia seriously fucked up and I'm very angry and sorry to see it. I won't be going back again until the wronged parties say that things have improved a lot.

In the rest of life: work on Blood Moon continues slowly, but steadily. I'm taking an actual week off in November to write and do things of that ilk. Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) is puttering toward the release date of 12/1/18. I'm hoping to load the print version for preorder in the next week. Ebook preorders may be found here for those hoping to get a jump on things. I'm blitzing the universe with announcements and review copies and such so hopefully it soars. There are some wonderful stories in it.
Now off to unwind before bed.

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I'm releasing the preliminary TOC for my new pirate anthology, Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space), due out from Queen of Swords Press in December, 2018. I am really excited about this anthology. I ended up with contributors from 8 different countries (including the U.S.), including award-winning authors and  first sale authors, and settings that range from the Trojan War to outer space. And there are gay, lesbian, bisexual, genderqueer and straight pirate protagonists. The cover artist will be Stephanie Johnson, who also did the logo for Queen of Swords and the covers of several anthos that I have stories in. More news coming soon!

Ginn Hale - “Treasured Island”
Joyce Chng - “Saints and Bodhisattvas”
Geonn Cannon - “Rib of Man”
Elliott Dunstan  - "Andromache's War
Soumya Mukherjee - “The Dead Pirate’s Cave”
A.J. Fitzwater - “Search for the Heart of Ocean”
Ashley Deng - “The Seafarer”
Michael Merriam - “Tenari”
Ed Grabianowski - “The Doomed Amulet of Erum Vahl”
Megan Arkenberg - “Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea”
Peter Golubock  - “After the Deluge”
Caroline Sciriha -  “A Crooked Road Home”
Su Haddrell - “A Smuggler's Pact”
Mharie West - “The Serpent's Tail”
Matisse Mozer  - “Rosa, the Dimension Pirate”

On the writing front, I've had a personal essay accepted for the forthcoming Queer Voices anthology to be released by the MN Historical Society Press in the nearish future. More news as I have it. This essay is "Strange, But Not a Stranger" and I originally wrote it for the late, great Cheryl B. for an antho that never got published. It is the piece I read at AWP Minneapolis at the bi writer's reading, the one about community and identity, if you were at that.

I also have at least one piece accepted for the Outwrite DC benefit anthology, but I'm not sure which one they're accepting. I subbed two and they seem to like both? Awaiting confirmation.

Taking a couple of days off this week to work on a game proposal or two and get some traction on other projects. I'm editing the pirate antho as well as working on my own stuff so it'll be full steam ahead for a bit.

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 Other Me (Emily L. Byrne) has her first novel out! Medusa's Touch is a fast-paced sexy lesbian science fiction romance and you can read more about it here. Emily has had a very good week, seeing as it also included the acceptance of her story "Rainbow's End" to Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Vol. 3, the acceptance of "Nights in Red Satin" to Rose Caraway's anthology The Dirty Librarian's Dirty Thirty Vol. 3 and the reprint of her story "Phone, Sex, Chocolate" in Rachel Kramer Bussel's reissue of Candy Lovers.

In short, Emily is currently having a better writing year than Catherine, but we're working on. Catherine is finishing off pirate submissions and sending out a bunch of rejections (sorry!), but will be moving on to acceptances soon. SOON. I promise. 

Otherwise, I'm off to WisCon tomorrow. If you'll be there, please one and hear me on the Beyond Batty Old Ladies panel and come to the Murder on the Titania party on Sunday night. It will be fun!

I'll also be adding a new event in June - updates coming soon.


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