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"My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors!'

Actually, this is just because I like Moxy Fruvous from time to time. The Mind Meld is actually about authors on our must buy lists. Some interesting suggestions!

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So, um, #awardeligibility. I *think* I'm eligible for the Fan Writer Hugo for this year. 5 LGBT SFF posts make a series -

Not going to campaign ad nauseum, just getting it out there. :-)
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 The latest installment in my overview of LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy (2000-2010) is now live. Part 1 runs this week, Part 2 will go up next week. Happy reading! :-)
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 I'm in an SF Signal Mind Meld on great openings to books and stories, curated by Paul Weimer​​ - happy reading and safe travels to those of you hitting the road today!
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And my latest SF Signal post on LGBT SFF is live! This time, we're visiting the 1990s; I got it in a little late for Pride month, but hey, Pride is year round, right? :-) Many thanks once again to John DeNardo and SF Signal for hosting this and making it look all purty!

The rest of the series can be found linked

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The latest in my series on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy continues, this time with the 1980s when things really start to pick up steam, as it twere -

The rest of the series is here:
LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy Before 1970 -

LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1970s -

Hope it makes for interesting reading!
Next up, I'm tackling the 1990s. If you've got any favorite positive portrayals in SF/F/H published or otherwise out there during the decade, let me know. Emphasis is main characters who identify as L,G,B or T, positive portrayals and not fanfic (which would require its own history) and not incidentally bisexual or trans (body switching for 5 minutes, sex with girls for male character's gaze, etc). I tend to prefer books and stories but am open to comics, TV and movies if it fits the other criteria.
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Huzzah! I'm in a new SF Signal Mind Meld post with a bunch of cool folks, talking about our favorite convention panels!
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Part 2 of my series on early LGBT science fiction and fantasy,  "LGBT SFF in the 1970s" is now up at SF Signal

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I'll be doing the 2014 edition of the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event in January, this time on the topic of Amazons in Fact and Fiction. I've participated in this for the last two years and had a lot of fun doing it. Highly recommended!

Also in January, I'll be at Arisia in Boston where I'll be moderating a panel on Unheard Voices of SF/F with an all star lineup and participating in the Broad Universe Rapidfire Reading.
Final schedule to be posted soon!

I'm also working on a follow up guest blog for SF Signal on LGBT SFF in the 1970s, which will probably post in late December/early January.


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