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The annual list, updated as new things arise:

  • Skiffy and Fanty Podcast - I'll be interviewed on this Hugo-Award-nominated podcast about my work in general and about Out of This World and Queen of Swords Press specifically. Date of broadcast is TBD.
  • Quatrefoil Library, Minneapolis - March 26th, 1-4PM. Queer Author Series - readings and signings by a bunch of local authors, including yours truly.
  • Speculations SF Reading Series - April 19th, 6:30-7:45PM. I'll be reading from works new and in progress and such at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Tea and Ghost Stories - April 29th, 5PM. Bingley's Tea Room, Minneapolis. I'll be reading a selection of my various ghost stories, there will be books for sale and excellent tea!
  • Books and Beer Pop-up Store, Lake Monster Brewing, St. Paul. - May 11th, 5:30-9:30. I will be there with the new print edition of Out of This World, as well copies of Respectable Horror and sundry promo materials for upcoming works.
  • WisCon, Madison, WI - May 26th-29th. Programming participant - panels and reading. Wandering about, being authorial and publisherial as well.
  • Diversicon, St. Paul, MN - July 21-23rd. Panelist and returning Special Guest.
  • Worldcon 75, Helsinki, Finland - August 9-13. Programming participant and moderator.

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Please spread the word! I'd love to see this fill, for obvious reasons. :-D

Here's the info and link -
Instructor: Catherine Lundoff
Class: L111, 1 Day Class, Summer 2009
Location: Open Book
Date(s): July 18
Time(s): 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Enrollment: Open
Member Price: $48.00; Nonmember Price: $52.00


"Sex sells" may be a cliché, but remember that it sells better if you do it well. Do you have a story that needs spicing up? A romance whose characters never seem to get intimate? A mystery in which you throw your hero out of a plane to avoid writing about his relationship with his girlfriend? Writing a sex scene doesn’t have to be scary nor does it need to be entirely about the sex. This class will help you figure out what sex scenes can do for your plot and how to write to make them fit your story. We’ll look at examples and discuss options for what you can do to write and improve the sex scenes you want to include in your story. Resource list provided.


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