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Last weekend was Gaylaxicon 2016 and it was a pretty good time, except for my migraines, of which I had three, count 'em, three. Last one was a doozy of the variety known as "eyeball-melters" in these parts. But I soldiered on and did my 4 panels and the "meet the pros" reception. We found out our panel schedule a couple of days before the con so there was no real time to prep so we sorted ourselves as best we could online and winged it. On the whole, I think that of the panels I was on, the "LGBTQ Myths and Fairytales" and "Coming Out Fen" went best, with "Werewolves" coming in next, followed by "I Kissed a Girl" (it probably went better for folks without migraines). But the folks attending seemed to like all of them and I met some charming new people, as well as getting to see old friends. I got to hang out with my pal Mark, Ginn Hale, Warren Rochelle, Rob Gates (and charming spouse!), Matt and Rachel Gold, and had some nice chats with Melissa Scott and other cool folks. The Chocolate Symposium was tasty and lavish and there was dim sum, which was very tasty despite the migraine. I acquired a marvelous steampunk butter keeper from Peri Charlifu at Aegean Goods, a couple of books, including the latest by Warren Rochelle and Charlie Anders, as well as pretty bookmarks and things of that ilk. And it was my last con of the year because I won't be able to go to TeslaCon, due to it falling too close to surgery for comfort.

What's next? On the 13th of October, I'll be one of the sundry local queer authors helping Quatrefoil Library celebrate its 30th anniversary at the Open Book. Then I'm off to Duluth for Shakespeare's First Folio and related fun. Then I have my "Aging in Speculative Fiction" presentation at the U. of MN, the day before surgery. And then I have nothing at all planned for weeks and weeks afterward to ensure that I recover well. I have also begun to recognize that I have some con burnout, so 2017 includes the following: WisCon 41, GCLS (lesbian literature conference in Chicago this year),  Worldcon 75 (Helsinki!) and World Fantasy 2017 in San Antonio. I expect I'll be doing a reading at Quatrefoil and some of my other regular events, but I think these will be my only cons, barring some new and unusual event. I'm also hard at work on writing workshop proposals for the Loft for the spring, so hopefully I get at least one turned in. More updates to follow!

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This is cool bit of news, at least for me. Literary fiction is not as a rule a thing that I write. To date, I have written exactly one story, long out of print. But a year or so back, I went to an art opening and was captivated by an interesting piece of art, a print depicting a woman, who has no face, holding a mask and a gun. I bought it and it inspired me to write a short-short piece about a wretched first date at an art opening. I subbed it a couple of times, without success, then last week, I was asked to submit something for the new queer literary journal, CALLISTO. I polished the story up and sent it in and voila! "Faceless" has a new home. :-D
Coming soon...

In the meantime, this upcoming weekend's adventures!
I'll be at Gaylaxicon 2016 in scenic St. Louis Park with a bunch of other exciting authors, publishing professionals and other fun folks.
My schedule:

Friday 10/7

6 PM
- Courtyard 1
Coming Out Fen
Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold

11 PM -
Werewolf Panel
Panelists: Warren Rochelle, Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold, Kyell Gold

Saturday 10/8
11 AM - Courtyard 1
LGBTQ Myths and Fairy Tales
Panelists: Warren Rochelle, Catherine Lundoff

Sunday 10/9
12:30 PM - Mainstage
I Kissed a Girl: Celebration of Queer Women
Creators and Characters
Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold

Hope to see some of you there!

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I had a blast. :-)

More detailed version: Friday night, I got to the hotel in time to meet my friend Mark (who've I've known for 31 years, as of last month) for dinner. We had a fun-filled dinner, then whisked me back to the con in time for Meet the Pros. I chatted with a bunch of folks, including Julia Rios, Kyell Gold, Warren Rochelle, Rhea Ewing, Kim Long-Ewing, Eric Heidemann, JoSelle Vanderhooft, and local pals Carrie and Sage. After that, I headed off to the Broad Universe reading, where I filled in for someone who couldn't make it and read with Kathryn Sullivan and Kim Long-Ewing. It went quite well and we had a surprisingly large and appreciative audience. After that, I spontaneously moderated a panel on Strong Female Characters, which was reasonably lively. None of us agreed on any of them, which is always interesting. :-)

I headed home after midnight, then came back the next morning for the Minnesota Writers panel. I did fill-in moderating on this one, too (audience feedback was that I'm entertaining even with no prep :-). We gave the MN writing life a massive plug. :-) After that, I chatted with various folks, then went off to lunch with Julia, JoSelle, Ginn Hale, Mark, Carrie, Sage and Rachel Gold. Afterward, we headed back to the con and I hung out in the bar with Barbara Schultz and Rachel, which was quite entertaining. We did our lesbian protagonists panel after that and it was lively and well-attended - I plugged Xena and a bunch of titles (hopefully someone made a list) and Barbara talked comics and Rachel and Jolene plugged some of their favorites. Then it was off to the Spectrum
Awards for best novel (see the blog at for results).

After that, Jana joined Warren, Betsy, Julia and me for dinner. By that point, the mild crud I'd had all week and the hours caught up with me and we headed home. A whole night's sleep later, I was back at the con to meet Julia and Mark for breakfast.

Then I hung out with Ginn, then Anton and Eleanor Arneson, and sundry other folks, then the lovely guys from Sofawolf Press. Somewhere in there, I visited with Larry Sanderson at the Art Show, then went to a trans characters panel, which had definite moments. Rachel wasn't feeling well, so I took her place on the Romance panel, which I...spontaneously moderated (we have a theme!) and got to talk paranormals with Lyda, Ginn and Nicole Kimberling. Then I headed off to do a werewolf panel with Kyell, which was really fun. Then fell down, went boom and came home.

All in all, one of my favorite Gaylaxicons (I've been to the last 5) to date. I had lots of good chats (my apologies to anyone I forgot to name drop :-), did some fun programming, and learned a bit about Furry fandom. An excellent con to end my 7 con run for 2012.
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 Gaylaxicon 2012 is coming up the first weekend in October (10/5-10/7) in lovely St. Louis Park, MN. It looks like it will be a lively convention, with lots to see and do.  As is my wont, I'm posting my schedule so I have some idea of what I'm doing.

Friday11:00 PMTerrace 3Ripley to Shaw: Strong Female CharactersWho's your personal favorite, and does she have to be either a badass or bitch to make the list? Our panelists rank the strongest female characters and what made them so.Rachel Gold, Terrance Griep, Catherine Lundoff, Danielle Stanard, Joline Zepcevski
Saturday9:30 AMTerrace 2Minnesota SpecFic WritersThe Twin Cities is home to more than its share of great speculative fiction authors, and we're glad to have some in attendance.M. Nicholas Almand, Catherine Lundoff, Naomi Kritzer (m), Kathryn Sullivan
Saturday3:30 PMTerrace 3Lesbians: the Good, the Bad, and the UglyAn exploration of lesbian characters, and how well they reflect reality.Rachel Gold, Catherine Lundoff (m), Barbara Schulz, Joline Zepcevski
Sunday3:30 PMTerrace 3Werewolves and Sexual IdentityWild hair growth, uncontrollable urges, mood swings - yes, lycanthropy, what did you think we were talking about?Kyell Gold, Peg Kerr, Catherine Lundoff, Warren Rochelle

Also, possibly this:
Friday9:30 PMTerrace 3Broad Universe Rapid Fire ReadingMembers of the Broad Universe organization read short excerpts from current works.Lisa Carreiro, Kimberly Long-Ewing, Karon Rilling, Kathryn Sullivan


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