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Yesterday was Queen of Swords Press's second foray into the Twin Cities Book Festival (I made two prior appearances as an author selling books and as a featured author) and it was a pretty good day. We got a good spot near some high-powered larger presses, not far from either the front door or the main signing table. Traffic was good and my tabling buddy, author Michael Merriam is a fine companion (you should read his books too). On the less jolly side, the building is unheated and was pretty cold for the first hour and a half. And one of the other vendors, not sure which, made the unfortunate decision to play atonal flute music at their table, the same tunes over and over all day... They weren't close to us, which was good, but I think they were audible everywhere. Le sigh.

At any rate, apart from that, we both sold books. I signed up folks for the Queen of Swords Press Newsletter (sign up today to be entered in the quarterly prize drawing for a free ebook) and we handed out a ton of cards for our upcoming reading and signing at DreamHaven Books on December 5th. This will be the release party for Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space), AKA the pirate anthology! and it will be awesome. We also handed out a bunch of promo cards for the Minnesota Women's Art Festival on December 8th, where Jana Pullman and I will have a table. Mike and I got recruited for a new writing event, I got interviewed for someone's vlog, Mike got invited to do a storytelling gig and I made arrangements for a new library sale. So, a good time all around. I hope to table at next year's fest too!

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 This will be a grab bag post of updatey things. I've got going on right now, even by my standards. 
  • First up, author Jason Sanford interviewed me about Queen of Swords Press on his Patreon market report.
  • It's Queen of Swords Press newsletter sign up time again! Sign up on our website by 10/15 to be entered in the quarterly ebook drawing!
  • Twin Cities Book Festival! This Saturday, 10/13 10-5 at the Fairgrounds. Queen of Swords Press will have a table and author Michael Merriam will be our guest.
  • Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space), my new pirate anthology, will be going up for preorder by next week. Early reviews are quite glowing! ARCs will be available - it releases 12/1 from Queen of Swords Press

In other news, my day job layoff, originally scheduled for the end of this year, has been cancelled, so no frantic job hunting on top of everything else. The world is a shitshow, but I've seen some great local theater, am checking out new events and going to benefits. Getting offline helps a bit, just saying.

Hang in there, folks.

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The weekend kicked off not, as I expected on Friday morning with WomenVenture’s Marketplace and Luncheon, but with a surprise invite from the Tretter Collection at the University of Minnesota to go to the premier of TPT’s LGBTQ MN history documentary, Out North (airing tonight on TPT) at the Cowles Dance Center on Thursday night. The documentary is pretty good, though there are inevitable gaps. It would have been outstanding to hear something about immigrant queer history, for example, which doesn’t turn up much despite the longevity and legacy of local organizations like Shades of Yellow. I’m sure other folks with more knowledge about the queer history of the Cities as well as the rest of Minnesota will have additional thoughts, but with that caveat, I enjoyed it. Coverage of the early organizations and samesex marriage history is pretty detailed and there are some great interviews with Lisa Vecoli of Tretter, Rep. Karen Clark, Andrea Jenkins, Lou Hoffman and a number of other activists, artists, politicians and religious leaders. I really liked the presentation and I’m hoping they do some more followup posts on their blog or interviews on a different show to add some more depth and voices to it. I should mention that I have a moment of glory during Lou Hoffman’s interview; a number of years back, I wrote an article about the Bisexual Organizing Project for an indie newspaper that no longer exists and there is a brief shot of the paper, the article and my byline. Only problem is that it is the article where the paper misspelled my last name (“Lundhoff”), and thus I will be remembered, I suspect. Oh well, nice to be included.


After that, we headed home and I rose in the wee hours of the morning to head over to run a Queen of Swords Press book table at WomenVenture’s Luncheon and Marketplace at a fancy hotel in downtown Minneapolis. And it was fancy! And likely very successful for some vendors. But not, alas, me. Tables were quite spendy, and we were charged extra for Wifi and parking, and while lunch was good and it was nice to see both my Senators on stage congratulating WomenVenture on its 40th anniversary, it was not a couple of hundred dollars worth of “nice.” I think it would have helped had they not enthusiastically sold us on the “giant crowds eager to spend right before and right after lunch” angle. I sold a couple of books, handed out a few cards and flyers for my November talk at DreamHaven, politely discouraged people eager to send me their latest opus and had some nice chats with the vendors around me, but that was it. I did, however, spend the time fine-tuning my table rap, so there was that.

At 3PM, I had to throw everything together and motor over to the Fairgrounds in St. Paul to set up our table for the Twin Cities Book Festival That part went well, and Michael and Sherry and I got things set up and ready to go for Saturday in time to meet up with Kevin for a nice dinner at ChinDian Café (Indian/Chinese fusion food). Mike showed up early the next day and we zipped back to the Fairgrounds. We were pretty much a table-setup machine so we each had time to make a quick tour. I scored a copy of Edward Gorey’s The Haunted Looking Glass: Ghost Stories, which made me happy.

The day was a whirlwind – I sold a fair number of books and a few mugs, Mike sold some books and we talked to a ton of people. Lots of folks stopped by, including Rachel Gold, Paul Weimer, Charlie Jane Anders Venus DeMars and Joyce Sutphen. I chatted with acclaimed local cartoonist Rob Kirby and bought his latest. And then at the end of the day when we were tired and crispy, Matt and Kevin turned up and helped us load out. So big thumbs up on the TC Book Fest. I’ll definitely look at it for next year. Many thanks to Mike Merriam for being an excellent companion and fine tablemate!

This week is a mad scramble to get the new Emily Byrne book prepped and other stuff before I take off for Sirens next week. Gonna be lively.


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 Twin Cities Book Festival today at the MN State Fairgrounds! Cory Doctorow, Charlie Jane Anders and Malinda Lo are all appearing and Queen of Swords Press will have a book table. Local author Michael Merriam will be signing his new weird Western novella, NOT ENOUGH MIDNIGHTS from 10-5. 
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Apart from national and world events, Ma'at hates Shu this week so it's Kitty WWIII at home. Which means separating them into different parts of the house, all night howling, sneak attacks and a house overflowing with cat pheromones. Whee. It generally doesn't last more than a couple of days but has gone as long as two weeks. Ack. Otherwise, lots and lots of balls in the air. Some should settle soon and then I'll have some good news about Queen of Swords Press, the schedule for next year and such. I'm also getting a new writing website, so I'll post about that soon too. My much beloved previous site was rendered unupdatable and inaccessible through sundry changes in tech so I'm getting something simpler and much easier to navigate. 

In the meantime, two huge events this week for Queen of Swords Press and I'm scrambling to get ready:
  • On Friday, October 13th, QoSP will be at the WomenVenture Women Mean Business Luncheon and Marketplace at the Minneapolis Depot. This will be the first big tabling event for the Press. I'll have books, mugs, mouse pads and info out at the table so please stop by and say hi if you're there.
  • On Saturday, October 14th, QoSP will have a Press table at the Twin Cities Book Festival at the MN State Fairgrounds in St. Paul. Author Michael Merriam will be helping me out, as well as selling and signing his brand new weird Western novella, Not Enough Midnights. More books, more swag and chocolate! Come by and say hi!
And for serious fun, I get to scramble to pack up right after the first event, go quick like a bunny to my car and race through early rush hour traffic and the horrors of "Hey, we've closed pretty much everything for construction! Good luck!" (Seriously, our construction season is epically awful right now) to go get set up up for the second event late Friday afternoon! It will be glorious! Or something! I'm sure I'll learn a LOT from this experience. 😏

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Thank you, wonderful patrons!
I have matched your pledges and donated to the NAACP for September pledges.
So far this year, your pledges have enabled me to donate $275, including matching, to the following organizations working on social justice, civil rights, feminist and environmental issues:

Southern Poverty Law Center
Center for Biological Diversity
Planned Parenthood
Rainbow Railroad

Next up:

ADAPT - disability rights and healthcare direct action
Nature Conservancy Caribbean Projects - restoring habitat and biodiversity
National Center for Transgender Equality - social justice advocacy for transgender people

For folks thinking about signing up, to date, I've posted 4 short stories, 3 essays and 14 resource lists on topics ranging from socially responsible investing to my favorite comfort books, TV and films. $1 gets you 2 resource lists, $3 gives you the opportunity to suggest topics and $6 gets you all of the above, plus an additional essay or story.

NonPatreon stuff:
Accomplished so far today, apart from Patreon organizational stuff: one interview sent in for Lounge Books Horror Month event, about which more soon, one event description sent to DreamHaven Books for vetting.
Next up:

  • reading through the Queen of Swords Press contract to send out to writer in hopes that we can make bookish magic together (first contract as publisher! Am experiencing squee!)
  • Working on Blood Moon, Silver Moon's sequel
  • Writing cover copy and an intro for the new Emily Byrne collection
  • Prepping for Twin Cities Book Festival and WomenVenture events
  • Recovering from Hell Cold so I can go see the Delores Huerta and Billie Jean King movies
  • The health tally: stomach bug last week, Hell Cold this week, persistent should pain. Blergh
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Silver Moon: A Wolves of Wolf's Point Novel, is back in print! As noted previously, there are some changes from the original edition: new cover, new subtitle, character name change, the new version is longer and so forth. The story has not been changed nor have the main characters. It's available in all ebook formats. In print, it's available from
Indie bookstores and libraries can order it through Ingram. I'm working toward selling it directly via the Queen of Swords Press website, but we're not there yet.

Speaking of Queen of Swords Press, I just got an acceptance from the Twin Cities Book Festival for October so be sure and look for us there. I'll also have print copies of Silver Moon and Out of This World next week (6/27) at the Queer Voice Pride Month Reading and Book Fair at the Minneapolis Central Library.

Our Pride Month StoryBundle is still chugging along and we've raised nearly $1000 for Rainbow Railroad so far! 9 more days to go.

Other than this, life is a bit of mixed bag. Mystery Foot Pain turns out to be arthritis, which is very annoying. I'm nursing things along but will have to skip going to Pride because I need to get everything settled down before Helsinki, etc. The current round of house projects have wrapped up so now we're on to planning the next ones. I have some fabulous friends, and there we have it. Off to bed now in hopes of getting a decent night's sleep/

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Twin Cities Book Festival TODAY! The Queer MN panel featuring Rachel Gold, Raymond Luczak, John Medeiros, Stephen Burt and me is at 11:30, book signing to follow. Plus Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, Kate Bornstein and a ton of writers, publishers, and other book-related awesomeness -

And if you've ever wondered what an RWA-style elevator pitch for "Silver Moon" might look like, wonder no more. Check out the LogLine Blog for a sample -
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The TC Book Fest schedule is alive! Alive! Cue: spooky music.
Looming large on the horizon (next Saturday - 10/13), it draws ever nearer. The Fest is a good time - lots of authors, presses and books, plus author panels. I'll be on MN Queer - The State of LGBT Literature panel at 11:30. Panelists include Rachel Gold, Raymond Luczak, and John Medeiros, plus a moderator whose name I haven't committed to memory yet. Other events of note include presentations by Kate Bornstein and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer and a reading by local author William Alexander, plus bunches of other cool things. And it's free!


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