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Back from a nice trip to D.C. and Outwrite and will be writing that up shortly. In the meantime, I have a new story out! 
‪My queer Poe retelling, "The Mask and the Amontillado" is out in TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED #32! Available at DreamHavenBooks and other locations. 

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Been another full week. I took a couple of days off to try and get caught up on stuff and promptly got a couple of lively migraines. Good times! In between periods of ouch, I stopped by Diversicon and picked up Charlie Jane Anders and Rachel Gold for dinner on Friday night at Pho 79, which was lovely. I've only met Charlie Jane or once or twice before so it was nice to get to spend more time with her.

I've also had a couple of new acceptances, which is lovely. I'll have two short reprints in the Outwrite benefit journal to be given out at the conference next week in D.C. and just had an Emily L. Byrne story accepted for Cwtch Press's latest volume of vampire erotica, Blood in the Rain 4. Otherwise, plugging away on edits for Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space), writing a space Regency, working on Blood Moon and intermittently working on a game proposal for Choice of Games. Also, planning a ton of future events, applying for stuff and so on.

Outwrite 2018 is coming up this week and I'm off to D.C. to visit with friends, do a reading and moderate a panel on writing queer horror. It's a stellar lineup and if you're in the area, you should definitely try and attend.

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 Having a lively week so far!
  • My new column, "Out of the Past," which will discuss the history and some key figures and trends of queer science fiction, fantasy and horror, has just gone up at the Queer Sci-Fi blog.
  • My flash horror story, "Firebird" has been accepted for the Queer Sci-Fi anthology, Renewal
  • The Pride month StoryBundle which includes OUT OF THIS WORLD and SILVER MOON will be going live in the next day or two here
And more things on the way. :-)
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This is cool bit of news, at least for me. Literary fiction is not as a rule a thing that I write. To date, I have written exactly one story, long out of print. But a year or so back, I went to an art opening and was captivated by an interesting piece of art, a print depicting a woman, who has no face, holding a mask and a gun. I bought it and it inspired me to write a short-short piece about a wretched first date at an art opening. I subbed it a couple of times, without success, then last week, I was asked to submit something for the new queer literary journal, CALLISTO. I polished the story up and sent it in and voila! "Faceless" has a new home. :-D
Coming soon...

In the meantime, this upcoming weekend's adventures!
I'll be at Gaylaxicon 2016 in scenic St. Louis Park with a bunch of other exciting authors, publishing professionals and other fun folks.
My schedule:

Friday 10/7

6 PM
- Courtyard 1
Coming Out Fen
Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold

11 PM -
Werewolf Panel
Panelists: Warren Rochelle, Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold, Kyell Gold

Saturday 10/8
11 AM - Courtyard 1
LGBTQ Myths and Fairy Tales
Panelists: Warren Rochelle, Catherine Lundoff

Sunday 10/9
12:30 PM - Mainstage
I Kissed a Girl: Celebration of Queer Women
Creators and Characters
Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, Rachel Gold

Hope to see some of you there!

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Way back in October when I was Editor Guest of Honor at Arcana 45, I cranked out a brand shiny new Gothic ghost story so I'd have something to read to the nice folks who came to my reading at DreamHaven and at the con. It's called "A Splash of Crimson" and it features a governess with an active imagination and a perhaps injudicious fondness for her deceased mistress.  Today, I'm very pleased to announce that editor Kate Laity has accepted it for the Fox Spirit Books anthology Respectable Horror, thereby finally making a Respectable Horror Author of me! <g> At any rate, the line up looks great and I thrilled to be a part of it. Not sure of the release date but I'll pass it along when I find out.


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