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It’s testament to Ian McShane’s strength as an actor that, after watching Deadwood, it becomes all but impossible to see or hear him and not think he’s actually the show’s monstrous saloon owner, Al Swearengen. Because of this, hearing his opinions on current TV shows—like that he loves High Maintenance and Atlanta


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Keanu Reeves has been on this earth for 54 magnificent years, and it’s taken human beings exactly that long to properly celebrate him with his very own film festival. KeanuCon is finally upon us courtesy of the folks at Matchbox Cineclub, the independent exhibitor behind Cage-A-Rama (which similarly honored the work…


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It’s not cold outside anymore, but anxiety is always in season. In addition to keeping you warm, a weighted blanket can work wonders for your anxiety, and several different models are on sale today, including a beefy 20 pounder for just $68 (with code X7GE5WHZ), the best price we’ve ever seen for a blanket that heavy.…



Apr. 24th, 2019 02:24 am
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Not a whole lot today, surprising no one. Reading. RoM. That's about it. *shrugs*

Hopefully will sleep better than I did last night - verra fragmented sleep, with the dream-bits encroaching and flat out auditory hallucinations, wheeeeee. Sigh. My own damn fault, though, so yeah. Sleep now.
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Posted by Mike Glyer

(1) HELP IS ON THE WAY. Jimmy Kimmel Live plugs the “Game of Thrones Hotline for Confused Fans.” There is a lot going on in “Game of Thrones,” and it can be difficult to keep track of what’s what and … Continue reading

Norma K Hemming Award 2019 Finalists

Apr. 23rd, 2019 12:25 am
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Posted by Mike Glyer

The Norma K Hemming Award, under the auspices of the Australian Science Fiction Foundation (ASFF), has announced the 2019 finalists. Designed to recognise excellence in the exploration of themes of race, gender, sexuality, class or disability in a published speculative … Continue reading

and i left town on a fool's errand

Apr. 23rd, 2019 11:00 am
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 i mainly liked this school and remembered it well because of this colleague i would have had. i imagined none of what happened over the last three years would have if i'd been there. that i wouldn't have freaked out with the miscarriage and a friend's departure. and it turns out, this ideal colleague is leaving at the end of this academic year. she's the one who over the past two months convinced me to come interview. her husband told us in the morning that they are leaving. i almost told him to drive us back to the airport on the spot.

i didn't let them see me cry about it. maybe i am an adult. i did tell her my reaction: "i can't believe you're leaving" an accusation, though i tried to make it sound not that. her response, having turned away, "i was going to tell you at some point today.... i just..." oh my god. i create these feelings of guilt in other people. i was candid in saying we wouldn't have come for the interview if i'd known.

i would have fucked this one up as much as the last. 
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It’s only Tuesday, but this blessed content will make you feel much closer to Friday already. Using his powers for good, Jimmy Fallon assembled the cast of Avengers: Endgame (or a lot of them, anyway) for a cute Marvel-themed satire of Billy Joel’s classic “We Didn’t Start The Fire” on The Tonight Show. Let’s get this…


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We are looking at every single character, hundreds of superheroes, the same way we looked at Scott Free in Mister Miracle. There's no worlds blowing up or merging or little Lex Luthors trying to escape from things. I’m just tired of having the world end and everything. I feel like we’ve seen the world end. Sometimes I think every day we are looking at our own world ending. -- Tom King

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Posted by Frances Langum

If you lay it out in a color-coded chart, the cases against Donald Trump are not that complicated:

As the creator of the chart, Quinta Jurecic, points out at Lawfare:

The key question is how Robert Mueller and his team assessed the three elements “common to most of the relevant statutes” relating to obstruction of justice:

an obstructive act,

a nexus between the act and an official proceeding,

and corrupt intent.


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