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Feb. 17th, 2019 02:34 pm
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I'm trying to structure my time at home today, so that I don't feel guilty, get some things done, don't feel pressured. I did about one third of what I call "scrubbing the edge' (around the edge of my kitchen). It's easier to do this in stages - it's been on my to do list for a long time!

I finally finished three long library books, so I've started another, a new biography of director Clarence Brown. And I've decided that one book on my current reading pile will be a book loaned to me or bought for me. Starting yesterday, this is a book bout the Lymond Chronicles, loaned by kitgordon. The author is one of the Minnesota group who meets at Merlin's Rest on IDDD (International Dorothy Dunnett Day).

So as not to start my third paragraph with an "I" ... I should vacuum. 'Vacuum' is one of those words I remember as being a bear in a spelling test, along with the previously mentioned 'skiing.'

Early today [ profile] ordenchaz and I discussed the shivaree (originally chiavari). This nighttime noise making was originally to some an unpopular person or unpopular couple out of a neighborhood. Now in some (rural, regional?) areas it's a post-wedding celebration by neighbors outside the windows of the 'sleeping' couple. We wondered about its regionalism. The word is apparently 17th century French, but I remember reading about it happening in England. .. Hmm, Google tells me it is or was pretty wide-spread. Rural, though, I think.

DBs is closing early, this time not because of a polar vortex or a snow day early closing, but because they are putting in a new cash register system.



Feb. 17th, 2019 08:25 pm
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Bread made during week: Greenstein's Psomi Loaf, with toasted sesame seeds - mmmmmm.

Saturday breakfast rolls: the adaptable soft rolls recipe, 2:2:1 strong white/wholemeal/buckwheat flour, + dried cranberries.

Today's lunch: a fillet of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, wrapped over a stuffing of breadcrumbs tossed in melted butter and lemon juice with zest of lemon, salt, pepper and dill, and baked under foil in a moderate oven, served with baby rainbow carrots roasted in goosefat (I am not sure this really adds much to them), garlic roasted kalettes (I fear their season must nearly be over, wah-wah-woh-woh), and padron peppers.


Feb. 17th, 2019 08:31 pm
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Reading. I finished Predators' Gold! It did not redeem itself, to my tastes. I then proceeded to have a bit of a tailspin about "do I object to fiction that portrays people doing bad things without getting 'adequately' punished or without it getting called out in the text? am I secretly an anti?" but the answer is, on reflection, no -- I don't think it's Immoral Art That Should Be Banned, it's just that I've got a very long reading list including a bunch of books I am actually excited (rather than cross) about, and I abruptly Really Don't Care about these characters enough to invest any more time in them at all whatsoever. Meanwhile, I have not been reading much because reasons, but Dreams from My Father reappeared from the library so I'm working slowly on that. Also I finally scraped together the brain to read the most recent shortfic associated with your blue-eyed boys ("shortfic": one of them was 23k words), which was immensely soothing.

Growth. I went to the allotment today! The fennel died back a lot in the frosts but I'm hopeful that 1. it will continue turning into food (it's putting forth new feathery growth) and 2. some if it will get as far as making seeds. I pulled up all the teasels and got as many of them as I could before the cheap shitty secateurs broke, so those are in a neat pile, and did a very little hand-weeding. Happily, though, the combination of manure + weed-suppressant takeaway pizza boxes + wood chip meant that there was really very little weeding as needed done, which impressed me. Spinach is coming along nicely but probably needs thinning (and eating); to my surprise a nontrivial chunk of the remaining pak choi also survived the frosts and are now doing their determined best to flower.

When I got in on Wednesday night, I discovered that my comfrey crowns had finally arrived (on the second attempt) so I've now got those potted up on the patio to establish while I work out where to put them. This means that I also received the last of the seeds currently on order, though I am now seriously considering acquiring two kinds of basil, some caraway and sesame seed, some rocket, and maaaaybe some chickpeas, though chickpeas seem possibly even a step too far for me.

Alas I did not win the greenhouse I had been pining after, but it ended up going for about three times what I was willing or able to pay for it, which means I successfully do not feel bad about having "just missed out" or similar.

Lab supplies. So many lab supplies. I got to campus at around 9 on Thursday and... slightly didn't leave again til 2pm on Saturday, though hopefully by the next time I want to do anything of the sort I'll have 24h access enabled on my card so I'll be able to actually kip on the sofa in my head of group's office rather than drowzing underneath the computer table in the Bloody Cold. (I was wearing three jumpers, a scarf, and fingerless gloves, and I still spent most of those three days shivering.)
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Filming has officially wrapped on HOBBS & SHAW. Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram today to post a very emotional wrap video from the set of the upcoming action adventure movie. Check out the post for yourself below.         View this post on Instagram                   HOBBS… Read More...
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Welcome to Mercedes
By Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
Part 1 of 2, complete
Word count (story only): 1417

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, this story is set in Mercedes, and takes place immediately after “Ripple Effect,” (here is the link to part one) and picking up right after Aida left the shop. Bennett gets a feel for Evard’s personality as he insists upon trying to mitigate the young man’s earlier experience with a “massage” that focused more on his body issues than his emotional needs. Fluff and comfort for miles. ::

On to part two

In Bennett’s work space, there was only one visible clock, in the work room where the client could see it easily. It was also the only sound, muffled almost completely by the glass wall and door that separated the main area from the work room. Silently, the two men watched Aida jog away, standing still for a long moment after she moved out of sight.

Evard cocked his eyebrow, and shifted the position of his hood a little. “Is she always like that?”

“No.” Bennett laughed aloud. “That’s a mellow response from her. He sent a text, then grinned at his guest. “Now, let’s get you ready for a real massage. Sledgehammer? Seriously? I’d best not meet them any time soon!” he warned.
Read more... )
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Throughout Galicia, you’ll see this fellow on older signs. He was apparently the mascot / logo for the Camino during one of the holy years in the 1990s – probably 1999. This is its largest incarnation, rising like a monolith above a parking lot. Clearly, the 1990s were a wacky time.

Date: 01 May 2016
Place: Santa Irene (Galicia, Spain)

The final map:

Mirrored from Pilgrims on the Way.

Camino Photo of the Day: Anno MCMXCIX

Feb. 16th, 2019 10:43 am
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This fountain was built for the Holy Year of 1999. There is some question in my head over the question of how one actually renders 1999 into Roman numerals. Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s MCMXCIX… or is that MIM?

Date: 01 May 2016
Place: Santa Irene (Galicia, Spain)

The final map:

Mirrored from Pilgrims on the Way.

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Alita battles to the top! Wide-eyed cyborg sci-fi was the primary box office draw this weekend as ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL opened in first place with an estimated $27.8 million! For director Robert Rodriguez, it's his third-highest three-day opening behind the $33.4 million start of his sequel SPY KIDS 3D: GAME OVER in 2003 and the $29.1 million opening of SIN CITY in 2005. The new live-action adaptation of the… Read More...


Feb. 17th, 2019 07:37 pm
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My goals for next week:
1400 calories a day,
walk around the block x3,
physio exercises daily,
remember to brush teeth daily,
remember to shower/wash my hair at least 3x,
do at least 1 thing after work around the house,
write at least 100 words a day
come on DW/LJ 3x
(some of those, I admit, are embarrassing to put out in public but... fuck it.)

Last week was a pretty good week so I want to build on those successes. I'm still really struggling with this depression, the quicksand is working really hard to keep dragging me under but I don't want to let it.

I want 2019 to be my year, damnit!


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