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The annual list, updated as new things arise:

  • Skiffy and Fanty Podcast - I'll be interviewed on this Hugo-Award-nominated podcast about my work in general and about Out of This World and Queen of Swords Press specifically. Date of broadcast is TBD.
  • Quatrefoil Library, Minneapolis - March 26th, 1-4PM. Queer Author Series - readings and signings by a bunch of local authors, including yours truly.
  • Speculations SF Reading Series - April 19th, 6:30-7:45PM. I'll be reading from works new and in progress and such at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Tea and Ghost Stories - April 29th, 5PM. Bingley's Tea Room, Minneapolis. I'll be reading a selection of my various ghost stories, there will be books for sale and excellent tea!
  • Books and Beer Pop-up Store, Lake Monster Brewing, St. Paul. - May 11th, 5:30-9:30. I will be there with the new print edition of Out of This World, as well copies of Respectable Horror and sundry promo materials for upcoming works.
  • WisCon, Madison, WI - May 26th-29th. Programming participant - panels and reading. Wandering about, being authorial and publisherial as well.
  • Diversicon, St. Paul, MN - July 21-23rd. Panelist and returning Special Guest.
  • Worldcon 75, Helsinki, Finland - August 9-13. Programming participant and moderator.

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Doubling down on the Doing of ALL the things!

Queen of Swords Press publishing achievements: 
  • Found a new way to lock myself out of the website, after figuring how to successfully hack the WordPress database to fix the first problem. Yay. This impacts me, but not visitors, FYI.
  • Submitted both books to the Rainbow Book Awards
  • Contacted OutlantaCon about advertising 
  • Hired a contract book publicist
  • Put out a second book
  • Produced the monthly newsletter (sign up at the website)
  • Tonight: learn how to set up a print book for IngramSpark
C. Lundoff, writer and editor:
  • Wrote and submitted a flash fiction piece to a contest
  • Finished and sent out my first Patreon post of the month
  • Began heavy revising and updating of LGBTQ SFFH history posts for new Queer Sci Fi column on the topic
  • Prepped for reading tomorrow night at DreamHaven Books
  • Tried to get on more programming at an upcoming con
  • Made progress on SILVER MOON edits, as well as other editing project. SILVER MOON is getting revised but not will not be a completely new book,FYI
  • Books and Beer Pop-Up Bookstore event on May 11, 5-9PM is officially a go! More details coming soon. Lake Monster Brewing, "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors" style event.
And more stuff ahead!
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The list in progress!


· Arisia, Boston, MA. Jan. 15-18th. I’m moderating a panel on the Founding Mothers of SFF and helping with the Outer Alliance gathering on Sunday. Otherwise, hanging out and enjoying myself.

· 2016 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event – Jan. 21. I’ll be doing a post on things I have pondered while serving as an awards judge for various writing awards.


· DevFest MN 2016February 6th, Minneapolis. I’ll be doing a joint presentation on Accessibility and Aging in IT with Twin Cities Women in Tech founder Valerie Lockhart.

· Inflagranti Delicto: Writing Good Sex Scenes – Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis. February 13, 1-5PM. Class that I’m offering at the Loft; it will need to have 6 or more registrants to carry.

· Lavender Ink: Writing and Selling LGBTQ Fiction - Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis. February 27, 1-4PM. Class that I’m offering at the Loft; it will need to have 6 or more registrants to carry.


Women Author's Event - Tretter Collection at the University of MN Libraries (joint event with Quatrefoil Library).March 26, 1-4PM. Featured authors include Jessie Chandler, Judith Katz, Pat Schmatz, MB Panichi, myself and possibly Rachel Gold.


AlterConf Minneapolis - Lead Pages, Minneapolis, April 9, 11PM - 4PM. Tech conference focused on diversity issues in IT and gaming. Valerie Lockhart and I will be focusing on making IT-related workplaces more accessible on multiple levels.



· Au Contraire! 2016 – Wellington, New Zealand. June 3-5th. No idea if I’ll be on programming but hoping to get on a panel or two. Besides, New Zealand! Whee!

CONvergence 2016 – Minneapolis, MN. June 30th- July 3rd. Panels, perhaps a reading. Got sick and was unable to attend. :-(



· Diversicon 24 – Minneapolis, MN (new hotel likely). July 29th-31st. Jessica Amanda Salmonson is GOH this year. Panels.


· MidAmericanCon II – Kansas City, MN. August 17th-21st. Worldcon for 2016. Panels (see tag)

Speculations Reading Series -

DreamHaven Books, Comics and Art, Minneapolis, MN. September 21st, 6:30PM. At which I will be reading stuff of my own composition and suchlike.


· Gaylaxicon 2016Minneapolis, MN. October 7th-9th. Panels and perhaps a reading.

· Arcana 46 – St. Paul, MN. October 21st-23rd. Panels. Alas, no Arcana for me as I have a conflict. But Kathe Koja is GOH and the rest of you should go.


· TeslaCon, hopefully. For the sheer joy of it. Madison, WI. November17th-20th



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 I'll be reading at DreamHaven Books, 2301 E. 38th Street, Minneapolis. On tap for tonight, a fantasy mystery short story, a not-quite-high-fantasy short story and a fantasy novel excerpt from novel in progress that I'm finally getting back to. No erotic content, queer protagonists. The fun starts at 6:30PM!

After this, Gaylaxicon 2016, October 7th-9th in St. Louis Park, MN should be fun. I'll be doing panels and such as an Author Guest.

On October 13th, I'll be one of the LGBT and/or Q authors on hand at the Open Book to help Quatrefoil Library celebrate its 30th anniversary. 

A few weeks after that, I'll be speaking to a class on the Politics of Science Fiction at the U. of MN. This won't be open to the public but I'm working on an article proposal on depictions of aging in SF/F/H based on the presentation so there'll be something to checkout.

Otherwise, I'm working hard at getting my new queer sf/f/h short fiction collection pulled together and sent out for progressing and formatting, I'm working on a new novella length retelling of Snow White with a bi female protagonist, novels are back in play and I'm poking at a class proposal for a class on Gothic fiction. More news as I have it!
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I've added the following fun stuff to my schedule:
  • Women's Month Reading at the Tretter Collection at the Elmer J. Anderson Library at the University of MN. Annual event cosponsored with the Quatrefoil Library, Saturday, March 26th, 1-4PM. I'll be reading with Rachel Gold, Jessie Chandler, Judith Katz, Ellen Lansky, Pat Schmatz and MB Panichi.
  • AlterConf Minneapolis at Lead Pages. April 9th, 11-4PM. Valerie Lockhart and I will be doing a presentation on making tech workplaces more accessible.
I also got word that a story of mine has been accepted for an antho I really wanted to get into - details to be announced after I have them.

Queen of Swords Press:
  • Tweeking the author contract
  • On the waiting list for a P.O. Box
  • Got the email working
  • Website is mocked up but waiting on new version of the logo and some text before I link
  • Next up, more Quickbooks, short collections, post for submissions, get ISBNs and start formatting fun. It is moving, it's just slow.

Day job, rolling downhill. Other stuff, in progress. More bulletins soon.

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2013's upcoming event and writing-related activities. I'll be adding more as they get finalized and linking as soon as there are things to link to.

  •  Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event, throughout the month of January. I'll be doing a guest post on host author K.T.Grant's blog on writing lesbian and bi characters in historical fiction, 1/12/13.
  • Guest blog on author Cathy Pegau's blog on the topic of  "In Person Events for Writers."
  • Author reading on Wednesday, January 23rd at 7PM at Subtext: A Bookstore in St. Paul

  •  GCLS Conference Blog - guest blog on my experiences at the GCLS Conference. TBD
  • Marscon -  March 1-3, Minneapolis. Attending professional.
  • Portland Lesbian Book Salon - March 3. Q&A by phone, since I can't make it to Oregon, alas.
  • Quatrefoil Library - March 16th, Minneapolis. Quatrefoil's new location - annual women's fiction reading with several other authors.
  • Hour of the Wolf Radio Show, WBAI, NYC. Tentatively scheduled for March 19th. Reading and interview.

  • WisCon, May 24-27th. Attending professional.
  • S.E. Wisconsin Festival of Books - September 20-22. I'm scheduled for a panel called "OUTspoken and OUTfront: LGBTQ Writers Moving Beyond Binaries" on Saturday, 9/21 in the afternoon. 
  • North Country Gaylaxians Book Club - October 8th, Discussion of Silver Moon at Quatrefoil Library, St. Paul 7PM.
  • Minneapolis Lesfic Book Club - October 30, Discussion of Silver Moon, 7:30PM (not generally open to the public - contact me for details if you want to attend).

Somewhere in here, I'm signed up to do some mentoring for GCLS and a few other things which are very much TBD. All in all, I'm hoping to keep it a lighter year than 2012 so I can get in more writing. We'll see how that goes.
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And only a few weeks in and I've already blown both my word count deadline and my desire to post a link round-up every Friday, the former being more serious than the latter. On the bright side, I did get in some writing this week and got a long overdue (based on my deadline, not theirs) guest blog off to SF Signal on the topic of LGBT SFF before 1970. This will be part of a series of posts going up through the 1980s, I think. More if people are interested. Otherwise, life's all about spaceships, sexy starship captains and werewolves.

Got to
MCBA's Book Arts Festival this morning and did a bunch of preemptive holiday shopping. Now I'm prepping dinner for a friend coming over for dinner (courtesy of our new slow cooker) and programming lessons in SAS. the madness of my Saturday nights is not to be believes, I tell you. :-)

Tomorrow (11/17), I'll be reading at the Acadia Cafe at noon with other local specfic authors for the 2013
MNSpec Writer's Showcase. I'm also going to be participating in reading scenes from a friend's new play. It should be fun and Acadia has excellent lunch so come on down and support the locals.

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2013 MNSpec Writers' Showcase

  • Acadia Cafe

    329 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN (map)

  • At noon on Sunday Nov 17th, MNSpec members will take the stage and give short readings from their works at Acadia Cafe Local specfic authors reading current works. Reading slots will be appx 10 minutes.. 

    List of Readers (Actual reading order will be determined at the show)

    • Joel Arnold

    • Kelly Barnhill

    • Rob Callahan

    • Eli Effinger-Weintraub

    • Terry Faust

    • Catherine Lundoff

    • Michael Merriam

    • Margaret Taylor

    • Dar Numan

    • Joy Hurtado 

    This is a public (and free) event. 

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Diversicon 21 is looming large on the horizon. Next week, to be precise. We'll be kicking this off with a guest reading at DreamHaven Books, Comics and Art on Thursday, 8/1. 6:30-8:30, featuring Jack McDevitt, Roy C. Booth and me. The convention fun starts on Friday and runs through Sunday afternoon. I don't have my finalized schedule yet, but I'll be autographing, participating in the auction, talking about female werewolves, talking about LGBTQ fiction you should be reading, sfnal romance and science fiction organizations promoting diversity in the field. And probably something else that I've forgotten. Should be a good time.

In other news, I managed to get 2 short stories out the door yesterday, plus some more writing done on both the novel proposal and the Silver Moon sequel, Blood Moon. I'm going to bite the silver bullet on the latter and do an outline for it in hopes of picking up speed, but fear that family drama and the associated "fun" is going to really bust up my writing time for this Fall. Not to mention my time for everything else, but I'm really hoping to be proven wrong on this on. The good part is that in the here and now, I have new work to read next week. Yay! And am feeling better than yesterday - double yay! :-)
Full steam ahead.

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TODAY! Quatrefoil Library Women's Month Reading at the Anderson Library, U. of MN 2-5PM. Ellen Hart, Rachel Gold, Catherine Friend, Jessie Chandler, Ellen Lansky and me -
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Women’s Author Event
Saturday, March 16, 2013
2:00 - 5:00 pm
Join the Quatrefoil Library and The Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in celebrating our favorite local authors.

Scheduled to appear:
Ellen Hart
Catherine Friend
Catherine Lundoff
Ellen Lansky
Rachel Gold
Jessie Chandler 
The event is free and open to the public.

The event will be held in room 120 of the University of Minnesota’s Elmer Andersen Library located at 222 21st Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55455.
For more information visit

For information on directions and parking at the University of Minnesota’s Elmer Andersen Library visit:


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I'll be reading at @subtextbooks this Wednesday, 1/23 at 7PM

The link just mentions "Moon" but I'm planning on reading from some new stories too. :-)
Subtext is in the old Common Good Books under Nina's Coffee in St. Paul.
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Cut to spare the uninterested. I'm working on a guest blog post on organizing readings and panels and so forth, so I thought I'd put the full list somewhere I can find it easily.

Speculations Series, DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis, MN 2012.
Marscon, Minneapolis, MN, 2012.

Women's History Month Reading, Quatrefoil Library, St. Paul, MN 2012.
Women and Children First Bookstore, Chicago, IL 2012.
Outwords Books. Gifts and Coffee, Milwaukee, WI 2012.
WisCon, Madison, WI 2012.
Magers & Quinn Bookstore, Minneapolis, MN 2012.
CONvergence, Minneapolis, MN 2012.
Diversicon, St. Paul, MN 2012.
Worldcon, Chicago, IL 2012.
Gaylaxicon, Minneapolis, MN 2012.
Read more... )
Marscon, Minneapolis, MN, 2011.
Gaylaxicon/Outlantacon, Atlanta, GA 2011.
Outwrite Books and Coffee, Atlanta, GA 2011.
WisCon, Madison, WI 2011.
Erotic Author's Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV 2011.
True Colors Bookstore, Minneapolis, MN 2011.
Northern Spark Festival, Bedtime Stories at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN 2011.
Marscon, Minneapolis, MN, 2010.
Queer Voices Reading Series, Hamline University, St. Paul, MN 2010.
Form + Content Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 2010.
A-Kon 2010, Dallas, TX 2010.
True Colors Bookstore, Minneapolis, MN 2010.
Women's Week Cleis Press Reading, Provincetown, MA 2010.
Marscon, Minneapolis, MN 2009.
WisCon, Madison, WI 2009.
CONvergence, Minneapolis, MN 2009.
The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, MN 2009.
Gaylaxicon, Minneapolis, MN 2009
Atlanta Queer Literary Festival, Atlanta, GA 2009.
Marscon, Minneapolis, MN 2008.
WisCon, Madison, WI 2008.
Haunted Hearths Publication Readings, True Colors Bookstore and DreamHaven Bookstore 2008.
CONvergence, Minneapolis, MN 2008.
Gaylaxicon, Washington, D.C. 2008.
In the Flesh Erotica Reading at The Happy Endings Lounge, New York, NY 2007.
Marscon, Minneapolis, MN 2007.
WisCon, Madicon, WI 2007.
SASE Speculations Reading Series, DreamHaven Books, Minneapolis, MN 2007.
Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, Minneapolis, MN 2007.
Outwrite Books and Coffee, Atlanta, GA 2007.
WisCon, Madison, WI, 2006.
SASE Speculations Series, DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis, MN 2006.
WisCon, Madison, WI, 2005.
SASE Speculations Series, DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis, MN 2005.
SASE Speculations Series, DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis, MN 2004.
The Smitten Kitten, Minneapolis, MN 2004 - Erotica reading with Heather Corinna and Elise Matthesen.

Drury Lane Books, Grand Marais, MN 2003. Norcroft Writers Reunion.
SASE Speculations Series, DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis, MN 2003.
World Fantasy Convention, Minneapolis, MN 2002.
DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis 2002 - Erotica reading with Hanne Blank and Heather Corinna.

Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, Minneapolis 2002.
 WisCon, Madison, WI 2002.
SASE Speculations Series, DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis, MN 2001.
Marscon, Minneapolis, MN, 2001.
Norcroft Residents’ Reading, Southdale Public Library, Minneapolis, MN, 2001.
Best Lesbian Erotica Readings, Bluestockings Women’s Bookstore, New York City, NY, 2001.
Arise! Bookstore and Resource Center, Minneapolis, MN 2001.
SASE Speculations Series, DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis, MN 2000.
Diversicon, St. Paul, MN 2000.
SASE Speculations Series, DreamHaven Books and Comics, Minneapolis, MN 1999.
Powderhorn Writers Festival, Mayday Cafe, Minneapolis, MN 1998.
WisCon, Madison, WI 1998.
Arise! Bookstore and Resource Center, Minneapolis, MN 1998.
Jitters Coffeehouse, Orlando, FL 1997 - Reading with Samuel Delany and other residents.
InsideOut at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL 1997 - Reading with Samuel Delany and other residents.
Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, Minneapolis, MN 1997.
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To kick off #werewolfwednesday, werewolf blogger extraordinaire David Jon Fuller interviews me at his blog As You Were: Metal, Monsters, Mayhem ( I just love saying that).

Last night's reading at
Outwords Books was fun - another small, but enthusiastic audience. People have been buying Silver Moon, for which I am wildly grateful, but it would be nice to see a few more faces at the readings. Outwords is a terrific store - and they now have signed copies of Silver Moon in stock, so if you couldn't make it last night but want to get a copy, please make Carl's day and pick one up over there. I'm quite jealous that Milwaukee and Chicago still have great LGBTQ bookstores and the Twin Cities no longer does.

Took a stroll down to the lake yesterday and wandered by the Milwaukee Art Museum, which was delightful. Today's expedition will be some bookstores downtown and tea at Watt's Tea Shop, as soon as we get it together. The weather's been lovely, the County Clare is charming, and breakfast at The Eatery on Farwell was excellent (huge thanks to our house/cat sitters who make it all possible). Tomorrow, it's off to Madison for the joys of WisCon. Huzzah!

Update on the Amazon situation: I talked to 4 people who preordered and 2 already had their books,1 was told it was being shipped and the other was told she had the option of canceling since they didn't have the book! I tried talking to Amazon directly and they were utterly useless. My publisher has worked out a temporary solution as of this AM so we're hoping there will no more snafus. At any rate, they do apparently have the book, even though they say they don't.
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Quick reminder - I'll be reading at Outwords Books in Milwaukee tonight at 7PM.
Hope some of you can make it!

Book tour!

May. 18th, 2012 11:55 am
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and I'm off! Note to self: next book, take release week off. So very sick yesterday. Bleak.
Today, I'm feeling better and off to Chicago this afternoon. For Chicago folks, I'll be reading at Women & Children First Bookstore tomorrow night (5/19) at 7:30PM (well to the north of downtown).’s-salon-7
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Last night's reading was fun and well-attended. My pal Carrie somehow managed to find gummy werewolf candy, which we raffled off (I'm planning on stocking up on them
for the Silver Moon release party, about which more soon). I read from Silver Moon, not surprisingly, and from my story "Regency Masquerade" from A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories. It's my Georgette Heyer homage and folks seemed to find it amusing, which was most excellent. Afterwards, it was off to Merlin's Rest for dessert and hanging out.

This weekend, I'll be heading back to DreamHaven, this time to cheer own my friend Will Alexander, whose first novel, Goblin Secrets, debuted this month. Will and his writing group (Haddayr, David, Barth, and Stacy) will also be doing a panel, Saturday, 7PM, and the store will be open all afternoon as well. Should be a most excellent event.

Then on Sunday, I'll be doing a reading at the Quatrefoil Library in St. Paul from 1-4PM, along with Ellen Hart, Catherine Friend, Ellen Lansky, Linda Morganstein and Lyda Morehouse. Should be another excellent event. :-)

In audio book news, 2 anthologies which include my stories are headed for audio book format: "Dirty Girls" edited by Rachel Kramer Bussell, which includes my story "Just Another Girl
on the Train," and a lesbian erotica anthology (not sure of exact title) edited by Barbara Cardy, which includes my story "Ladies Who Lunch."
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Had a fine and pleasant time at the con, as per usual. I hung out with friends, did panels that people turned up at, swanned about in my fab steampunk gear from Scoundrelle's Keep (with thanks to my friends who laced me into my corset and were insistent about the sensible heels instead of the foot corset boots), ate dinner and enjoyed all of the things that I appreciate about Marscon each year. Though we did miss the masquerade and a lot of the music, what between one thing and another.

So now, I'm in marathon mode on the galleys for Moon. And contacting folks about reviewing it. And setting up release readings.
Speaking of which, I'm doing two readings this week.
I'll be at
DreamHaven Books, Comics and Art on Wednesday, March 14th from 6:30-7:30 PM, reading as part of the Speculations Reading Series.
And I'll be at the
Quatrefoil Library for Women's History Month on Sunday, March 18th from 1-4PM for a multi-author reading with Ellen Hart, Catherine Friend, Ellen Lansky, Jessie Chandler, Linda Morgenstein and Lyda Morehouse.

Should be an exciting time. Back to the grindstone.

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Spent yesterday wrestling with the 3rd migraine of the week, but did manage to get in some errands and finished reading The Hunger Games so I'll be able to talk about it next weekend at Marscon. I liked the premise and the characters and Collins definitely keeps things moving. I'm wondering whether the rest of the series requires the same level of suspension of disbelief (the deus ex machina rescues, an economy that requires coal but uses floating hovercraft, etc.) but will probably opt to read them and find out. The day ended on a pleasant note - we had friends over for dinner, which consisted of the herb bread, corn chowder and salad I'd made plus the raspberry/rhubarb sorbet that they made. Yum!

I also finished my guest blog post for Good Lesbian Books anniversary. There will be a series of posts by various readers and writers, recommending "first" books with lesbian protagonists. My list included books by Galford, Pollack, Schulman, Wilson and Allison. I think it'll be posted this week. In addition to GLB, I'd like to plug SFFIC: SF/F starring lesbian and bi women and The Lesbrary (reviews, links, news, you name it) as good resources if you're looking for more fiction featuring lesbian, bi and queer female protagonists.

On an unrelated note, my friend WIll Alexander's having a book launch this week at Magers and Quinn on Tuesday, March 6 at 7:30PM for his new novel, Goblin Secrets. He'll also be reading at DreamHaven on 3/17 at 7PM with Haddayr Copley-Woods, Barth Anderson, David J. Schwartz and Stacy Thieszen, which should be a blast. Will is awesome - read his book.

I also just got the line-up for the Quatrefoil Library Women's Month Reading on March 18th, from 1-3PM. Thinking this is going to be pretty lively too. :-)
Speakers include:
Ellen Hart
Jessie Chandler
Catherine Friend
Ellen Lansky
Catherine Lundoff
Linda Morganstein
Lyda Morehouse

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Rumor has it that I'm reading with her in Chicago on May 19th at Sappho's Salon at the fabulous feminist bookstore Women and Children First. How awesome is that?


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