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This looks like it'll be a fun one. It's also my 6th time in this series so I'm pretty excited about that part as well. :-)

Introduction, Kathleen Warnock
Judge's introduction, Lea DeLaria
The Stripper and the Butch Wannabe Renée Strider
Ladies’ Coupe Anamika
My Precious Whore Xan West
The Third Kiss Kiki DeLovely
The Garden of Earthly Delights Betty Blue
A Quick Fuck in a Shadowed Corner Sinclair Sexsmith
Witch Kirsty Logan
Art School Confidential Kenzie Matthews
Painted Nails and Puppy Dog Tails Giselle Renarde
Carried Away in Santa Fe Charlotte Dare
Walk Like a Man D. L. King
Signs Theda Hudson
Most Valuable Player Nairne Holtz
Tree Hugger Catherine Lundoff
Little Lou Gala Fur
Ann’s Adrenaline Rush Sarah Ellen
Ice Rachel Charman
The Sweet Tooth Never Fades Erica Gimpelevich
The Number 91 Heidi Champa
Snapshot A. D. R. Forte

Edited to add - Bonus! Cleis Press  is having a big 20% off sale through December 31st so you can pick up BLE and other great titles (I've got a story in BLR 2011 too. Just saying :-). They've got some great books, and it's well worth checking out.

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It's Give to the Max Day - help support your favorite Minnesota nonprofits

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Deb Mensinger, wife of writer Laurie Marks, needs a liver transplant in the very near future. Her brother has offered to be a donor but lives elsewhere and has no insurance. Details for the fandom auction are here (I'll be posting something for sale soon):

Please spread the word!


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Edited to stupid iPhone app ate my post. Since then, have picked up my gorgeous new outfit and been up to various things so there will be a new post later.
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Am V. pleased. :-D
And huge congrats to all the other finalists!

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Webzine Jezebel ( takes on the question of why most werewolves are male, at least in film and TV land. Reasons seem to hinge on the perception of werewolves as inherently masculine and just plain not sexy. They're big and strong and violent, not to mention hairy. Vampires can be elegant and sexy, but that's harder to do with were.

Sure there have been some successes with female werewolves like the Gingersnap movies and a few others, but they are in the minority. On the other hand, editor Pam Keesey brings some excellent points about the early historical associations between women particularly witches, and wolves (, equating sex and power.

As a writer working on a novel about middle-aged women who are also werewolves, I'm pretty invested in whether or not anyone will actually read the book. What do you think? Are werewolves any more "male" than any other kind of monster?

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