Jul. 23rd, 2018

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I'm releasing the preliminary TOC for my new pirate anthology, Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space), due out from Queen of Swords Press in December, 2018. I am really excited about this anthology. I ended up with contributors from 8 different countries (including the U.S.), including award-winning authors and  first sale authors, and settings that range from the Trojan War to outer space. And there are gay, lesbian, bisexual, genderqueer and straight pirate protagonists. The cover artist will be Stephanie Johnson, who also did the logo for Queen of Swords and the covers of several anthos that I have stories in. More news coming soon!

Ginn Hale - “Treasured Island”
Joyce Chng - “Saints and Bodhisattvas”
Geonn Cannon - “Rib of Man”
Elliott Dunstan  - "Andromache's War
Soumya Mukherjee - “The Dead Pirate’s Cave”
A.J. Fitzwater - “Search for the Heart of Ocean”
Ashley Deng - “The Seafarer”
Michael Merriam - “Tenari”
Ed Grabianowski - “The Doomed Amulet of Erum Vahl”
Megan Arkenberg - “Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea”
Peter Golubock  - “After the Deluge”
Caroline Sciriha -  “A Crooked Road Home”
Su Haddrell - “A Smuggler's Pact”
Mharie West - “The Serpent's Tail”
Matisse Mozer  - “Rosa, the Dimension Pirate”

On the writing front, I've had a personal essay accepted for the forthcoming Queer Voices anthology to be released by the MN Historical Society Press in the nearish future. More news as I have it. This essay is "Strange, But Not a Stranger" and I originally wrote it for the late, great Cheryl B. for an antho that never got published. It is the piece I read at AWP Minneapolis at the bi writer's reading, the one about community and identity, if you were at that.

I also have at least one piece accepted for the Outwrite DC benefit anthology, but I'm not sure which one they're accepting. I subbed two and they seem to like both? Awaiting confirmation.

Taking a couple of days off this week to work on a game proposal or two and get some traction on other projects. I'm editing the pirate antho as well as working on my own stuff so it'll be full steam ahead for a bit.


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