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 Only 1 day (and a few hours) left to get this queer specfic Pride Month StoryBundle and support Rainbow Railroad in their work w/ LGBTQ folks fleeing oppression around the world! Books by Alex Acks, Melissa Scott, Dayna Ingram, Tenea D. Johnson, Don Sakers, Jo Graham, Joseph Carriker, Geonn Cannon, A.C. Wise and Emily L. Byrne. 
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 Other Me (Emily L. Byrne) has her first novel out! Medusa's Touch is a fast-paced sexy lesbian science fiction romance and you can read more about it here. Emily has had a very good week, seeing as it also included the acceptance of her story "Rainbow's End" to Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Vol. 3, the acceptance of "Nights in Red Satin" to Rose Caraway's anthology The Dirty Librarian's Dirty Thirty Vol. 3 and the reprint of her story "Phone, Sex, Chocolate" in Rachel Kramer Bussel's reissue of Candy Lovers.

In short, Emily is currently having a better writing year than Catherine, but we're working on. Catherine is finishing off pirate submissions and sending out a bunch of rejections (sorry!), but will be moving on to acceptances soon. SOON. I promise. 

Otherwise, I'm off to WisCon tomorrow. If you'll be there, please one and hear me on the Beyond Batty Old Ladies panel and come to the Murder on the Titania party on Sunday night. It will be fun!

I'll also be adding a new event in June - updates coming soon.
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Last week was action-packed! Day job has an "informed citizenry" program in which they send us to the MN State Capitol to take a tour, meet with lobbyists (theirs), state senators and reps (theirs), go to committee meetings and  such. I availed myself of the opportunity, seeing as this is stuff I should know more about and it it was pretty interesting. I haven't toured the Capitol since the remodel and it is quite gorgeous. And somehow, I had missed the memo that Burnsville (southern suburb) had elected a lesbian/queer woman as one of their state reps and she was leading a sit-in against gun violence. The rotunda was full of Moms Demand Action protestors and the rep was taking pictures and giving interviews so it was pretty exciting. Anyway, will be back and need to start committing to lobby days upon occasion.

Thursday was volunteering at Buster's on 28th for Dining Out for Life, a nationwide benefit for local AIDS organizations. The local one benefits the Aliveness Project which provides free hot meals, a food bank, case management, medical support, a community garden and other services. We ate out for breakfast, then I volunteered for the lunch shift (which was quite slow), then called it a day. Things may have been slow at Buster's (which is a nice pub with good food and nice people and you should eat there if you are in south Minneapolis), but I gather they were hopping elsewhere. Waiting to find out if Aliveness made their funding goals now.

I've got a new interview up about my publishing adventures at Queen of Swords Press as well as my writing career at Shelfies on the Underground Book Reviews site. More coming soon.

Also, hey, finished a book in the sense of doing the last rewrite (awaiting copy edits now) and starting the publishing process. Medusa's Touch by Emily L. Byrne will be releasing from Queen of Swords Press on 5/20/18, just in time for this year's Pride StoryBundle and other fun. Book Designer Terry Roy did a spiffy job on the cover, despite being on her way into knee surgery What's it about? It's a sexy lesbian science fiction romance, set in the far future. More news coming soon!

"Betrayal, desire and danger: how did a simple side job go so wrong? Medusa Pilot TiCara X273 is in over her implants and she’s going to need all the help she can get from the lovely Sherin Khan…if she can learn to trust her."

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 The Con or Bust Auction is up and running until 4/22 and you can bid on fabulous items, including, but not limited to things I have posted. These include:
  • Queen of Swords Press print package including Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures by Alex Acks (currently getting many fabulous reviews), Silver Moon (Rainbow Award winner) and Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories by Catherine Lundoff
  • A steampunk butter keeper, with story card, made by acclaimed fannish potter Peri Charlifu
  • 2 previously unworn James Tiptree Award t-shirts
  • A stack of sundry feminist sfnal titles
Lots of great stuff out there with low or no bids! Check it out and support a fine cause!

In other news, 
I FINISHED A DAMN NOVEL! Again! Specifically, I finished the 4th and final draft of Medusa's Touch by Emily L. Byrne and sent it for copy edits and cover art. It's a romantic sf novel with a lesbian relationship at its core, or #spacelesbians. This is the novel that Ellora's Cave tried to sign me for (a fate I avoided by astutely hiring a lawyer to review the contract). There are spaceships, double-crosses, cyberpunk/space opera elements and two women who've been through some bad crap finding each other and healing. It will be out from Queen of Swords Press just before WisCon and available in a new Pride month StoryBundle shortly thereafter. More info coming soon!

i feel good, but exhausted. And have a lot of other stuff to do. Full steam ahead!

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My new book, Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories, is out in ebook formats now and will be out in print on 5/1.  That translates to:
Barnes & Noble
IBooks - search on my last name in the iTunes store.
Overdrive for Libraries - Hennepin County Library has copies available for check out and your local library can order it in too!

Queen of Swords Press info:
Note that Queen of Swords press now has 2, count 'em 2 titles out! With a first print edition and a new version of Silver Moon on the way!
Twitter - @qospress
Queen of Swords Press has a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for on the website.

Twitter - @clundoff
Facebook (as me), also as Author/Editor Page

Me, as Emily L. Byrne, AKA erotica and erotic romance writing Me:
Facebook Author page
Emily's booklist is also available on my Goodreads profile above.

Most of Queen of Swords Press blogging will likely be out here for a bit. I'm still getting my proverbial ducks in a row.


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