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Today is Give OUT Day in the U.S., the only national day of fundraising dedicated to LGBTQ+ nonprofits. At the best of times, organizations run by and for queer folks are wildly underfunded. That's programs that provide trans folks with legal support, LGBTQ+ kids with anti-bullying resources, support for queer safe spaces, food banks for folks with AIDS/HIV, suicide hotlines, scholarships, housing for queer elders, legal advocacy for employment discrimination, support for queer immigrants and refugees, the list goes on and on. And under the current administration, all these programs and organizations are expected to double down and provide more support and more services. I don't know what it's like elsewhere, but one of our larger local straight-run nonprofits just dropped its entire queer youth support program because they wanted "to bring their focus," which means that any help those kids were getting has to come from elsewhere. Which is turn translates to LGBTQ+ communities and better allies stepping up. I donate what I can every year and tonight, I'm going to go do a volunteer training for the Aliveness Project's Dining Out for Life benefit next week, which raises money for advocacy and support for folks living with AIDS/HIV.
in the meantime, I also donated to the PFund Foundation, which gives scholarships and funding to LGBTQ+ folks who are leaders in their communities throughout the Upper Midwest; Outfront MN, which does advocacy and support for LGBTQ+ folks here in Minnesota; Third Wave Fund, which funds queer youth and feminist activist groups; Charis Circle, which sustains Charis Bookstore, Atlanta's fabulous feminist and queer bookstore and its many events and groups; and BiNet USA, the umbrella organization for national groups run by bisexual folks.
there's lots to choose from! Please check out the site, donate what you can and post!
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It's Give Out Day today - give to your favorite LGBTQ+ nonprofits so they can grow and thrive (and be eligible for matching funds and such). The Give Out site is here. And I have a two part list of LGBTQ+ organizations, many of which are participating today, over here
Please boost and give what you can.

I just donated to LGBT Refugee Services, the Third Wave Fund (grants to young queer activists), PFund (upper Midwest arts and community grants to LGBTQ orgs) and Charis Circle (arts and community events and funding for queer women of color and other folks in Atlanta and surrounding region). I like to donate to funds to make my donations go further, but there's a bunch of other great options out there on the site and my list.
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 It's #NationalGiveOutDay today (and for the next 15 hours or so). Nonprofits that support and nurture LGBTQ people and other sexual/gender minorities are often vastly underfunded. Every dollar you can donate does actually make a difference, so please boost and give what you can. 
donate to support your favorite LGBTQ nonprofits and community organizations -


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