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 We shall begin with a lovely review of Alex Acks's Murder on the Titania from reviewer James Davis Nicoll. Can I just say how great it is to see other people love this book as much as I do? I'm really glad that Alex decided to entrust Queen of Swords Press with this book so I'm hoping we can do them proud, as it were. :-D

As part of the Great Possessions Purge of 2018 (I'm downsizing like a mad thing because I really need to), I posted two previously unworn Tiptree Award t-shirts, a steampunk butterkeeper from Aegean Goods Pottery and a stack of feminist sfnal reading materials at the Con or Bust Auction. I've also posted a Queen of Swords Press print book package. Bidding opens 4/9!

I'm planning for Clexa Con in Las Vegas next week, where I'll be tabling with the awesome gals from Blind Eye Books and doing a panel. And I'm turning 55 on Friday so I'm trying to raise $550 for SAGE, a nonprofit that serves LGBTQ+ seniors, in lieu of gifts. (If you're local and want to attend some portion of my bday weekend festivities, feel free to message me here).

Other than this, I've got two short stories out the door, am making progress on novel edits and am wrangling a lot of stuff and am trying to find time to rest, go to movies and read. We'll see how that goes.
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Con or Bust Auction closes today at 11:59 EST - last chance to bid on signed copies of these books!

Yesterday's recording session went well. Rachel Gold and I taped our show on ""Werewolves, Witches and Starship Captains: Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy." Rachel and I had a blast geeking out about books, tv, gaming and comics...and interview the awesome Rachel Pollack. The show will play at 10:30 PM on March 8th. It will be available in the radio station site for 2 weeks, and on our sites after that (I'll post updates accordingly). Check the whole schedule - it's a pretty amazing lineup

I also spent an hour and a half on the phone with Jim Freund, host of the Hour of the Wolf radio show and the NY Review of Science Fiction Reading Series. We had a grand conversation about Joanna Russ, Samuel Delany, WBAI, fandom, politics, IT and, oh yeah, my writing and Broad Universe as prep for our show taping next month. I'm looking forward to this one. :-)

In other news, got a new short story done last night so I get to do final cleanup and submission today before we head out to our whirlwind of local theater (see previous post). I'm hoping to get one more story dine this month, along with a con and book club talk (next weekend), a reading at the U. of MN (3/16) a trip to NYC and a radio show, and my 50th birthday at the end of the month. Plus, that pesky day job thing.
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Con or Bust, the Fans of Color Assistance Project annual auction which helps fans of color get to conventions like WisCon is up and running. Bid on many fabulous items including a signed (by me) copy of Hellebore and Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic, edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft and myself (Lethe Press, 2011). Bid early and often to support a more diverse future for fandom!

In other news, we are back from the wilds of Utah. Jana is holding up pretty well and is quite glad we went. I met her family for the first time and found many of them to be pleasant and amiable, despite the tragic circumstances. In short, the trip went as well as either of us possible could have hoped for. I have also now sampled the much-vaunted jello salad concoctions to be found at an LDS church function, and while I don't foresee taking jello salad on as a permanent dietary change, found some of them to be quite interesting, tasty even. And Jana's friends in Salt Lake City are awesome and incredibly helpful.

So we are back and wildly behind on stuff. My Loft Literary class,
Lavender Ink, is scheduled for next Saturday if I get 2 more people to sign up. I'm putting the finishing touches on my outlines and such. It's a chance to pick my brains in a semi-organized manner, if that appeals to you. Then I get to race home in time for Readings Goes to the Wolves, a podcast hosted by writer Lara Zielinsky and featuring Naomi Clark, Meghan O'Brien, Nene Adams, Allison Moon and me talking about lesbian werewolves. This should be seriously awesome, just saying.


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