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Had the second interview for the job I interviewed for on Monday. It went well - I actually felt engaged in the process. I'm a bit light on what they want but they have apparently decided to bring me on anyway. I'm awaiting the various paperworky things but at the moment, it looks like I'll be starting when I get back from Worldcon. It will be another managerial job so it will take big chunks out of my other time but at least it will be something on a career path. We'll see how that goes for a bit.

The rest of the day was spent gadding about with
[ profile] elisem for her birthday! Stop by and wish her happy birthday and buy half-price shinies! The amiable Jenee was with us for lunch at the Red Stag Supperclub and a a trip to I Like You, the NE shop featuring MN artists. We bought stuff and it was cool. We dropped Jenee off at the house for a well deserved rest from power interviewing all of us about bi fandom and related topics, then Elise and I went to Stephen Be's. If you do things with yarn and or felting and or sundry related things, you NEED to go check this place out. All kinds of wow. Then I introduced Elise to the fab Covet Consign and Design, which now does art shows by local artists and custom framing in addition to selling consignment items. The Chicago Fire Arts Center was closed, it being Wednesday afternoon, but we did stop by Blue Ox Coffee and enjoyed our tea.

Trying to get some traction on a queering Poe story and finishing up my interview for Outlook Columbus tonight. More of same tomorrow, along with cleaning, yardwork and Worldcon prep.

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Today was all about interviews - job interview this morning, then a lengthy interview about being bi in fandom, professional writing and life in general with a visiting scholar from the University of Oregon who's gathering material for her dissertation. I talked the poor woman's ear off for a couple of hours but she held on gamely until the end. Hopefully, I managed a couple of soundbites along the way.

Next up, I have a terrific guest post from werewolf scholar and medievalist Hannah Kate about her new anthology Wolf Girls. Recommended!

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So, while still between jobs, at least I wasn't working at Weird Tales this morning. Sweet deity or otherwise of your choice, what was Kaye thinking (or not thinking)? For those interested, Shaun Duke does a very helpful job of pulling together many of the links here. Granted, I lost interest in the magazine when Ann VanderMeer and the rest of the previous staff were let go, but still. Why would anyone take one of the venerable magazines in the field and run it into the ground to promote a novel as egregiously devoid of any redeeming characteristics as Revealing Eden, Book 1 of Save the Pearls? I kept waiting for it to be revealed as some sort bizarre prank, but, alas, apparently not. In addition to the obvious and painful racism, the whole "I exist to breed" perspective of the protagonist does not make me feel all jolly about its depiction of women, any women. Bleah. :-(

In other local news, the Johnny Northside blog verdict has been overturned and the blog is protected under the First Amendment, per the Appeals Court. Glad to hear it because of the ramifications of the original ruling.

In personal news, had an interview this morning and made it to round 2. And Elise came over for tea and kitties. Have another job interview tomorrow morning, followed by an interview about being bi science fiction and fantasy with a visiting scholar. Then another job interview on Wednesday (round 2 from today).
Should be fun. Somewhere in there, I'm still hoping to get back to actual writing, but at least the house is cleaner.

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Well, there was certainly toil. I spent most of the morning writing a guest blog about the highs and lows of promoting lesbian fiction for the new (to me, anyway) GLBT online magazine, The Scarlet Letter. Then I confirmed my October appearance on The Log Line Blog, where authors get to write up 25 word "elevator pitches" of their books. This was a lot of fun, sort of like writing haiku. And I set up an interview on author Roxanne Bland's blog, Of Werewolves and Other Strangers.  Speaking of which, I'll be hosting werewolf editor and monster pop culture critic Hannah Kate of the She Wolf Conference in Manchester in the next week or two as part of the promotion for her anthology, Wolf Girls out here. It looks like the folks from the Future Fire anthology, Outlaw Bodies, will also be stopping by sometime between now and October.

Otherwise, it's been errands and prepping for tomorrow's prepping for painting the porch. This will take weeks but we're hoping to get everything caulked et al, thanks to some help from a friend. Then I'm off to author Kelly McCullough's birthday party, so no daily post tomorrow unless something interesting happens.

In the meantime, we're not in trouble or anything approaching it, but I do have a request: if you were considering buying one or more of my books, now would be a lovely time. If you can't afford to do so or have no interest in actually owning, ordering one or more of them in through your local library is also wildly helpful. As is posting any positive reviews you'd considered posting but hadn't gotten to yet. And recommending my books to friends. I start interviewing next week but periods of financial uncertainty always make me twitchy. A boost in book sales will help me psychologically and eventually financially, not to mention supporting
Lethe Press. For those of you who have already done so, many, many thanks. I hope my work is worthy of your support.

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I ended up spending last night organizing archival materials and following up on a couple of outlier publicity opportunities, resulting in a new interview (detail info when I get it) and a new guest blog/interview.
This morning, I met with the curator at the Jean-Nicolaus Tretter Collection and turned over some of my papers. I also got to tour the vaults of the Rare Books and Special Collections at the U. of MN Libraries, which was cool both literally and figuratively.

After that, I swung by Uncle Hugo's to pick up Kelly McCullough's new book, "Bared Blade," and Melissa Scott's "Point of Knives." I also signed their new stock of "Silver Moon" which is always delightful. :-) And the manager, my pal Elizabeth, and I got caught up and talked about L-J Baker's "Promises, Promises,"
which we both enjoyed quite a bit. In short, go buy some books at Hugo's and Edgar's because they are awesome.

I then headed home with the full intention of working. Which resulted in my laying around all afternoon under a rotating blanket of cats while reading Scott's fun new work. And now I'm off to check out The Dragon and the George Pub (how can I not?) and catch "Farewell My Queen."

Tomorrow, there will be toil and lots of it. Today, we relax.
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Turns out I won't hear back on the Friday interview until next week. Will probably gird my loins and put in for something else tomorrow, just to be safe.

Today's to-do list:
Lots of archiving
Lots of writing
Finish either the class proposal or the article query or both.

Some archiving (more to come tonight)
Lots of writing, for a starter day. 1000 more words on Blood Moon (Women of Wolf's Point Book 2), several hundred words on queering Poe story and a few hundred on cyberpunk erotica novel, now revived from the ashes.
Article query completed and submitted.
Two outlying publicity things for Silver Moon, other books followed up on. If they pan out, awesome. If they don't, life goes on.

For tomorrow:
Meet with curator at the Tretter collection at the U. of MN to turn over some of my papers
More writing on Blood Moon and other works in progress
Finish first class proposal.
Actually make social overtures to friends not seen in forever due to ludicrously overpacked schedule.

Off to the chiro to have shoulder torqueyness addressed. Have I mentioned that the day job left with nifty chronic pain problems? #giftsthatkeepongiving

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No word from the Friday interview yet but am confirmed for an interview next Monday and have requested that I be put in for another job. So now on to the fun stuff.

Yesterday's to-do list:
Gathering of archival stuff
Voting in the primary
Mailing copies of Silver Moon to Rain Taxi for review/Twin Cities Book Festival
Sending in the almost but not quite done class proposal for The Loft

Sent the books to Rain Taxi
Wrote - Blood Moon is now over 5000 words along
Did some archiving
Started a couple of article queries
Started pulling together the class proposal for The Loft
Agreed to do a Broadly Speaking podcast panel on crossing boundaries in genre with Larissa Niec (President of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, and author), Julia Rios (Strange Horizons/Outer Alliance) and possibly Kristen McDermott (Professor, author and musician) next week. Should be awesome. You can hear the other Broadly Speaking podcasts

On the docket for tomorrow:
Lots of archiving
Lots of writing
Finish either the class proposal or the article query or both.

Now to go make quiche and salad for our dinner guest tonight.


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