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Yesterday was Queen of Swords Press's second foray into the Twin Cities Book Festival (I made two prior appearances as an author selling books and as a featured author) and it was a pretty good day. We got a good spot near some high-powered larger presses, not far from either the front door or the main signing table. Traffic was good and my tabling buddy, author Michael Merriam is a fine companion (you should read his books too). On the less jolly side, the building is unheated and was pretty cold for the first hour and a half. And one of the other vendors, not sure which, made the unfortunate decision to play atonal flute music at their table, the same tunes over and over all day... They weren't close to us, which was good, but I think they were audible everywhere. Le sigh.

At any rate, apart from that, we both sold books. I signed up folks for the Queen of Swords Press Newsletter (sign up today to be entered in the quarterly prize drawing for a free ebook) and we handed out a ton of cards for our upcoming reading and signing at DreamHaven Books on December 5th. This will be the release party for Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space), AKA the pirate anthology! and it will be awesome. We also handed out a bunch of promo cards for the Minnesota Women's Art Festival on December 8th, where Jana Pullman and I will have a table. Mike and I got recruited for a new writing event, I got interviewed for someone's vlog, Mike got invited to do a storytelling gig and I made arrangements for a new library sale. So, a good time all around. I hope to table at next year's fest too!


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