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 Still getting caught up, so here we go. Things to not do before an author event: do not put ear drops in your eyes. For real and serious. Ow. So much ow. Anyway, was groggy and grabbed the wrong bottle, so much flushing of left eyeball ensued. But then I had to leave to drive up to St. Cloud (about an hour and a half away). My eye swelled and burned and seeped, so this was all kinds of fun, but the drive was otherwise uneventful. I got to the hotel, checked in and unpacked the car, then met Rachel for lunch.

We took a brief tour, then went to the Great River Library, which is surprisingly big and new (it is a multi-town effort). We had already gotten a nice write-up in the St. Cloud Times and the library had a good plug up in their "What's Happening at the Library" display. However, 4PM on Friday is not the most hopping time slot so we drew a small (10-12) person crowd. They were quite enthusiastic though, which helped. We read and did our on the road schtick and it was well-received. Flaming Eyeball of Doom did not help, however, so I was happy to wrap up and head back to the hotel. Rachel had been traveling for a couple of weeks so she decided to drive home for the night while stayed at the hotel. 

Next day, Flaming Eyeball of Doom looked and felt more like Allergy Eyeball, which was a giant improvement. Rachel and I met for breakfast, then headed to Pride in the Park. We loaded in and set up the tent I borrowed from my buddy Kevin, with some help from other vendors and a minor injury to my hand (metal retractable banner snap-back is less fun than you'd think). We helped out one or two other folks and settled in. Folks stopped by with great regularity, bought books and picked up cards and chatted. Also, it was hot. Then it was blisteringly hot. Rachel had to go sit in her car with the A/C on for a bit. I drank a lot of water. It got hotter. I went and sat in my car for a bit. We still both got heat exhaustion. Blergh. But overall, it was a good tabling experience and a nice, friendly event. Would go again, minus the eardop thing. 


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