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Mostly, my week was all about the pirate edits! The book is looking great and I hope to do a cover reveal pretty soon. If you're out on Twitter or Facebook, I'm posting a couple of tweets a week about different stories and their authors. Check out the #scourgeoftheseas hashtag to see what's going on. I'm throwing in bonus pirate content, too - songs, pictures, etc. (@qospress, if you want to avoid my political posts).

Speaking of pirates, I wrote a story called "One Night in Saint-Martin" which appeared earlier this year on the Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast. It's about a pirate, one Jacquotte Delahaye, and a spy, based loosely on Dumas' model for Milady, who cross paths for the second time on the island of Saint-Martin in the Caribbean in the mid 1600s. Europe is in turmoil and there are lots of proxy wars and spying and raiding and other fun and not so fun things going on in the European colonies. Anyway, if you listened to that or the idea just intrigues you, the original story, "The Letter of Marque," is now up at Curious Fictions. Curious Fictions is a short fiction subscription site and you can kick in $2 (or $5) to subscribe to my short fiction feed. Letter of Marque is chock full of sword fights, plots and ladies kissing AND if enough people express interest, I'll write a third story about these two characters. "One Night in Saint-Martin" is free to listen so you can enjoy that one and see if the concept grabs you.

Other than that, still no word on my day job so I might be getting laid off in the next couple of months after all. Rachel Gold and I got a contact from the local newspaper in St. Cloud and they want to interview us about our reading, so the news isn't all bad. And Jana and I went to a new performance venue in town and heard some amazing young queer artists last night. The host is the L-Spot, a fairly new bookstore/giftshop for queer women in the back of a spiffy vintage shop called Z Amore. L-Spot will be hosting more events so I'd recommend putting them on your radar if you're in the Cities. I'll also be dropping some Queen of Swords Press titles off there so you can buy some of our books too!

I'm working on some other events and hope to have news soon. I'm also working on not getting horribly sick or injured the rest of this year, so we'll see how that rather low bar for self-care goes.


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