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In the past couple of weeks, I've seen Black Panther twice, done a bunch of day jobbery stuff and almost got a new book published, so it's been hectic. And I've been terrible at posting. Will try and do better.
  • My new Out of The Past column is up and this time around, I'm looking at the very recent past with an interview with editor and author Bogi Takács about recent trans and nonbinary speculative fiction.
  • My story, "One Night in Saint Martin," about pirates and spies and ladies kissing in the 17th Century Caribbean will be getting a professional reading on Heather Rose Jones's Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast on 3/31, the day after my birthday!
  • Queen of Swords Press will be releasing Alex Acks's Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures on 4/1. It's currently up for preorder at Amazon and Smashwords, with more platforms coming soon.
  • Speaking of Queen of Swords Press, I really wanted to do an anthology this year, so submissions are open! Send me you pirate stories! Details here.
  • Speaking of my birthday, I'm turning 55 and I don't need much at present so in lieu of gifts, I'm asking folks to donate to my fundraiser for Sage, a nonprofit that works with LGBTQ elders. I'm hoping to raise $550, so please spread the word even if you can't donate.
  • Other than this, I'm writing and rewriting and formatting and trying to get stuff done. Hopefully good news coming soon on various fronts.


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