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It's here! My books SILVER MOON and OUT OF THIS WORLD are in a Pride Month #StoryBundle with a great lineup of queer speculative fiction, curated by the amazing Melissa Scott - pay $5-$15, depending on which ebook titles you want and designate part of your purchase go to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps #LGBTQ+ refugees around the world, including #Chechnya. The Bundle also includes books by Melissa, Heather Rose Jones, E.C. Wise, Geonn Cannon, Jude McLaughlin and other fine writers!

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 For those just tuning in, reports are coming out of Chechnya (a Russian-controlled "subject state" in Eastern Europe) that the Chechen government is rounding up gay men and either executing them or putting them in a secret prison where they are being held and tortured. Current estimate runs to over 100 folks targeted so far and other queer folks are also very much at risk. All Out is an organization based in NY that is helping groups on the ground who are trying to get folks out of Chechnya. I've supported All Out for a couple of years now and been pretty impressed with their ability to mobilize support for LGBTQ+ folks in different countries so if they say they can rescue some people, it's definitely worth boosting and throwing a few $ their way. #Chechnya


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