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 Author Anne E. Johnson interviewed several members, including me, of Broad Universe, an organization which promotes women writing science fiction and fantasy for the website WomenArt. We talk about some of the issues we've made in the field and some of the things we need to move forward on. Good stuff! šŸ˜ƒ
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As noted in my previous posts regarding Arisia, Unheard Voices is a roadshow panel promoting three organizations promoting diversity in writing and reading in the science fiction and fantasy genres: Carl Brandon Society, Broad Universe and Outer Alliance. We throw a lot of things at the audience and each other, then try to remember them afterwards. Here's my best current effort, plus a few other things that didn't get mentioned given panel time constraints.

Women in SF/F/H:
Broad Universe - Member catalog
SF Mistressworks - reviews of classic SF/F by women:
Feminist SF Bibliography -
100 Great Science Fiction Stories by Women - Ian Sales'
Worlds Without End Women of Genre Reading Challenge -

Gender in SF/F/H:
Tiptree Awards - science fiction and fantasy that expands and/or explores understanding of gender. Award winners and short/honor lists

Lambda Sci-Fi - resource list
Gaylactic Spectrum Awards - award winners and recommended l
GLBT Fantasy Resources and Reviews -
My posts on SF Signal: "
LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1970s" and "LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy Before 1970"
And another post, this one for the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event 2012 - "
Lesbian Protagonists in Science Fiction and Fantasy"
Rainbow Awards - see lists of nominees, finalists and winners for the last several years
American Library Association GLBT Roundtable Rainbow lists

People of Color and Writers of Color in SF/F/H:
Carl Brandon Society - resources and award lists
Carrie Cuinn - bibliography: 100+ Asian Speculative Fiction Authors
Sofia Samatar - Horror Writers of Color
Diversity Roll Call Roundup: POC in Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Making Lists: Mindblowing SF by Women and People of Color
Fantasy Magazine - People of Color in Fantasy Literature - Three Part Roundtable Writeup

Steampunk - Beyond Victoriana

General Diversity lists:
Diversity in YA

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As mentioned previously, I recently joined the Mother Board for Broad Universe. Broad Universe is an organization that promotes women writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror through podcasts, convention readings, book tables, panels, ads and social media. "Women" are defined as anyone identifying and presenting as female, as I found out this week when I asked. And it's pretty awesome. I'm really enjoying being on the board and I'm hoping to see the organization grow and expand during my tenure on it.

One of the things I'm working on is building bridges with other organizations in the genre. We're hoping to start doing some joint readings and events such as panels at different cons in the near future so that more readers and fans know about us and the issues that we're working on. One of those organizations is the
Carl Brandon Society. The "Carl Brandon Society as an organization to help build further awareness of race and ethnicity in speculative literature and related fields," to borrow from their website. They sponsor several awards as well as the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship which sends new writers of color to the Clarion workshops each year.

Another is the
Outer Alliance, which promotes discussion about LBGTQ visibility and issues within science fiction and fantasy. The focus is on writing and reading sf/f/h by L,B,G,T,Q and allied writers about LBGTQ characters. There's a monthly podcast which includes interviews and news, a Twitter feed and an email list. The main website is currently down, but check out the link for the podcast and look for the Outer Alliance at convention panels, parties and readings.

I'm also hoping to do some outreach to the
Etheria Film Festival, a Boston-based international film festival for emerging women directors of science fiction, fantasy and horror films. Should be a good year from projects, at least thus far.

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The Broad Universe Sampler is out - check out stories and excerpts from Broads (including me) for free!
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I'm a (comparatively) new Board member for Broad Universe, a volunteer-run organization that promotes women writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror (readers and anyone who likes women writers in the genre welcome!). We do podcasts, tables and group readings at cons, provide promotional and networking opportunities, do an annual book catalog and other useful things. And we're always looking for new members and volunteers. Check out our website at #broaduniverseĀ 
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Regular, or even not so regular, readers have no doubt been wondering why I spend so much of my free time lolling about eating bonbons and trying to be clever. So clearly it was a time to find one more thing to do. Broad Universe ( is an organization that exists to promote reading and writing of science fiction, fantasy and horror by women authors. There's a newsletter, a Twitter feed, a Facebook group, an online group, a catalogue of works by members, a reading series called "Rapidfire Readings" at conventions all over country, podcasts and book tables at several major cons. All of this is run by volunteers: we organize readings, social media, the podcasts, book tables and soon, an anthology of work by BU members.

I've benefitted from belonging to BU for years as well as organizing several Rapidfire Readings so I decided this was something I was ready to play a bigger role in. Maybe it's an organization that would benefit you too. It's not always the friendliest genre for women writers - together, we're stronger.


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