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Or something like it. Taught my second online class in a row this weekend, this one on editing an anthology. Lots of enthusiasm, great questions and...a power failure, plus several app issues (there was a local outage). Sigh. Cat Rambo did a great job holding things together, but then I got to spend the rest of the day pulling together support and extra materials so that people would feel like it was worth their while. We're looking at doing a followup as well as recording this one so stay tuned. Also, I'm getting fiber optic installed in the next month or so, which hopefully make it lot easier for online teaching and related activities.

Today was all about errands - shipping books for ClexaCon, dropping books off at the Little Free Library that I adopted, dropping copies of Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) at Cream & Ale for next month's reading and meeting with my publishing assistant. The big news is that I'll be posting a CFS soon for queries for book length manuscripts and we'll see what comes in.

Home now and wrangling the game proposal I was supposed to get done ages ago, writing and trying to get organized for day job insanity tomorrow. Also, I'm supposed to leave on Thursday morning for ClexaCon. Bets on whether or not the fear April "surprise" blizzard due on Wednesday hits the Twin Cities? I don't like our odds but am hoping for the best.


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