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At some point, I planned on posting at least once a week. *Checks calendar* Well, that's blown. So, what have I been up to? I spent last weekend at a friend's house on a writing retreat while they are traveling. This netted me final edits to Alex Acks' awesome new book, Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures, coming soonish from Queen of Swords Press, several thousand words on new stories and on Blood Moon, the sequel to Silver Moon, and some sundry other things. I'm back in seclusion this weekend, trying to get one story done for an upcoming deadline, plus traction on other stuff. Blood Moon is about a third of the way through first draft, FYI, so progress.

I'm going to be interviewed on Hannah's Bookshelf, a North Manchester FM radio show hosted by Hannah Priest, who does a ton of great work. It will go live on the web next weekend, barring technical difficulties.
The week after that, I'll be recording an episode of the Cocktail Hour Podcast, which is always fun. I've also confirmed that I'll be on programming at OutWrite in D.C. in August so I need to plan for that. Got a party request in for WisCon in May and a table request in for St. Cloud Pride in September. Gonna be an exciting year! Other confirmed events include ClexaCon in Vegas in April, Anderson Library at the U. of MN in March and then, we'll see. Hoping for World Fantasy in Baltimore in November!

Other projects: new book needed for a multiauthor promotion this year, which will probably be Emily L. Byrne's erotic sf romance Medusa's Touch, since that's the only one that can be done by early May; a pirate anthology currently in the planning stages; another short fiction collection, either romances or historicals. Oh yeah, and planning for 2019, which will require me doing something about finding another book and author to get on the schedule. The big Queen of Swords Press plan has always been to build up gradually: 4 book a year (at most!) while I have to work full time, with the first year being all titles by me, the second being 2 titles by me, 2 by other people and year three being 3 titles by other people and one by me. So we'll see how that goes.

Work put toward finding a new day job: none, so far. Except for feelers, which may turn out to be the best idea. In 4 months, I've torn a ligament, gotten mild stomach flu, gotten Norovirus and had a concussion. Oddly enough, it's not inspiring a lot of job hunting mojo, go figure. I've got a few more months, in any case, and may yet get a short extension in 2019 so things are by no means urgent yet. Back to the grindstone for a bit now.


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