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Time for the usual post, with additions. First the writing part.

I wrote a lot of essays, posts and articles this year. These included:
Amazons and Warrior Women In Fact and Fiction" for the 2014 Lesfic Appreciation Event
LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1970s" on SF Signal
LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1980s" on SF Signal
LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1990s" on SF Signal
LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 PART 1" on SF Signal
LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 PART 2" on SF Signal
"Mind Meld: Best Book Openings" on SF Signal
Mind Meld: Our Favorite Convention Panels" on SF Signal

I also will have a story ("Arachne")  in the very soon to be released Best Lesbian Erotica 2015, edited by Laura Antoniou.

Writing as Other Me, Emily L. Byrne, I saw "The Adventures of Miss Scarlet" in Forbidden Fruit: Tales of Unwise Lesbian Desire, edited by Cheyenne Blue. Emily also had stories accepted for several forthcoming anthologies: an as yet untitled Alison Tyler anthology, The Princess's Bride: Lesbian Fairytale Erotica edited by Sacchi Green, The Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica edited by Barbara Cardy and Bossy 2: Productive Tales of Lesbian Desire, also from Ladylit.

Other writing-related accomplishments: I finished 2 drafts of an erotic science fiction novel and embarked on a third, I wrote several new short stories, I got a bit of traction on Blood Moon and I just finished an essay on Irene Adler in films and TV since 2000, which will go out tomorrow. Plus, a lot of work in progress. I've also gotten some traction on indie publishing some of my own books, plus possibly starting up my own press. And I found out that an essay I wrote is required reading for an NYU class, which is building a series of Pinterest boards around it. <g>
So not anywhere near what I planned or hoped for at the beginning of the year, but not nothing, either.

Other stuff. Man, not the best year ever. We've been dealing with my mother's mental and physical deterioration all year and it's been draining and ghastly and unpleasant and stressful, with very rare intervals of calm. I've been sick a lot. Day job completely reorganized and it looked like my job was going to be outsourced, and it may well yet, but probably not for awhile longer. A chunk of my original support network evaporated earlier this year, in part because of people peace outing on me when things got really bad and I became burdensome? unpleasant? inconvenient?  and in part due to WisCon fallout, what between the lying, the victim blaming, the gaslighting and related. And then there was the news, oh so very much news and so much of it horrible.

But on the plus side, I have a wonderful wife and cats, the friends who stuck by me are great people and I've met some new folks and/or just gotten to know some other folks better. I dug us out of a substantial amount of debt and got our finances more stable. I'm working on a business plan. I've done a lot of interesting reading, learned some new software and embarked on several major projects to fix up our house. We went to Boston for Arisia and Wisconsin for TeslaCon, both of which were a blast. We got to visit the International Wolf Center and North American Bear Center, both in Ely, MN. I spent a nice weekend writing and reading in Reed's Landing, MN. Some friends from Iowa are finally going to get move up here, so we'll see them more. So, overall, 2014 - the proverbial mixed bag.

Here's hoping 2015 is a better year all around, particularly for those folks who had the worst of it this year. As for my readers, fans and colleagues, thanks for sticking with me and I wish you all joy, love and success in the coming year!


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