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Marscon: Time is the Key is fast upon us this next weekend and I am once more one of the writer guests (huzzah!). It is a fun medium-sized convention (generally between 400-800 attendees or so) and I highly recommend it. :-)
Here's what I'm doing:

Adventures in Time (A Time Travel Panel that’s Not About Doctor Who)
Atrium 2 (Re(a)d Mars) — Friday 09:00 pm
Time travel romance, time travel literary novels, classic sf (H.G. Wells) - all of these play with the notion of characters who travel across time and sometimes, space, to find adventure, true love and/or to right wrongs. What are some of your favorites? Cliches you hate? What would you like to see that you haven‘t yet?
With: Catherine Lundoff, mod.; Ruth Berman, Michael Merriam

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Atrium 2 (Re(a)d Mars) — Saturday 11:00 am
An annual MarsCon event. Members of Broad Universe do short readings from their recent work.
With: Catherine Lundoff, host; Aimee Kuzenski, Kathryn Sullivan

Alternate History and the History of Time
Exec Lounge (Krushenko’s) — Saturday 12:00 pm
Alternate history hinges on precipitating events which change everything after them, but does history really work this way over time? Or do things just even out and go back to stasis after awhile? Discussion of alternate history as a genre
With: Bridget Landry, Catherine Lundoff, mod.; Felicia Herman, G. David Nordley

It's a light weekend by my standards, so I'll probably finagle my way onto another panel of interest. Hope to see some of you there!


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