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Replete with the usual namedropping, because I know awesome people. And, really, that's how much of my con time is spent these days. I set out to go to a reading or a panel, I run into someone and then I'm off to go talk or meet or whatever the equivalent is. I'm not complaining, but it did mean that I saw less of Arisia than I originally thought that I might.

That said, we got into Boston early on Thursday afternoon and got to the hotel without incident, then were off into the city to
Brattle Book Shop which was old and creeky and charming. We picked up a copy of Virginia Woolf essays, Coaching Days and Coaching Ways (with the Hugh Thomson illustrations), Thurber's The White Deer, and fine press editions of the Songs of Sappho and Shakespeare's Sonnets, all for very reasonable prices. Then it was back to the hotel for dinner and sleeping, since we'd gotten up at 3:30AM to catch our flight and were pretty groggy by then.

Friday, Jana went off to go explore and network with other binders, while I holed up in the room and did some writing before meeting up with Victor Raymond for lunch. From there, I was off
to help set up the Broad Universe table in the Dealer's Room, where I got to hang out with our esteemed pres, Trisha Wooldridge and her husband Scott, the nice folks from Spencer Hill Press and a bunch of other fun folks. An expedition to the business center resulted in me running into Fan GOH James Nicoll (we'd met online, but not in person) as well as getting copies. Then it was back to the BU table for me until I needed to leave for dinner with Jana and sparkymonster. This was lovely, except for the part where Jana limped in, having taken a bad (bruising, back spasms) fall on the steps of one of the libraries. but she soldiered on bravely and we had a fine chat about fannish and personal stuff and lady's undergarments, as one does.

I then headed back down to the Dealer's Room, where I got to guard the table while a bunch of other Broads did party setup. I went up and checked on Jana, who was still convalescing, then went on to the Broad Universe Party where I met up with the fabulous Connie Wilkins/Sacchi Green. We hung out at BU for a bit, then went on to the Circlet Press party next door, where we chatted with publisher/editor/writer Cecilia Tan and other folks. Then onward and upward to the Carl Brandon Society party where we chatted a bit with Nisi Shawl, Julia Rios, K. Tempest Bradford and other folks, and got a demo of what I have come to think of as "Stupid White People Tricks." This particular instance started with a conversation about the House Elves in the Potterverse, which got turned into a mini lecture by a white fanboy on the extent to which enslaved people "buy into" or become "comfortable" with their status as slaves and are then  redefined as "willing slaves.". This went over about as one would expect (hint: badly), while derailing what might have otherwise been an interesting conversation.  At any rate, his companion took him away shortly thereafter, we hung out for a bit longer, then headed off to our respective rooms.

Saturday morning, Jana and I headed down for breakfast and ran into James again, this time sweeping him up to join us for breakfast. We had a lovely conversation about cats and sf/f and assorted other stuff. Then we went off to the Art Show, where we ran into Connie and her family. At which point, I developed a migraine, just in time to go collapse before the BU RFR. Jana went off to panels, I pulled it together to go read. We had a full room and lots of good readings. I ducked out to go work the table, only to discover I'd written my shift times down wrong. So I bought tea in the Dealer's Room and headed back up to the reading, in time for it to let out.

To be con't...


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