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To kick off #werewolfwednesday, werewolf blogger extraordinaire David Jon Fuller interviews me at his blog As You Were: Metal, Monsters, Mayhem ( I just love saying that).

Last night's reading at
Outwords Books was fun - another small, but enthusiastic audience. People have been buying Silver Moon, for which I am wildly grateful, but it would be nice to see a few more faces at the readings. Outwords is a terrific store - and they now have signed copies of Silver Moon in stock, so if you couldn't make it last night but want to get a copy, please make Carl's day and pick one up over there. I'm quite jealous that Milwaukee and Chicago still have great LGBTQ bookstores and the Twin Cities no longer does.

Took a stroll down to the lake yesterday and wandered by the Milwaukee Art Museum, which was delightful. Today's expedition will be some bookstores downtown and tea at Watt's Tea Shop, as soon as we get it together. The weather's been lovely, the County Clare is charming, and breakfast at The Eatery on Farwell was excellent (huge thanks to our house/cat sitters who make it all possible). Tomorrow, it's off to Madison for the joys of WisCon. Huzzah!

Update on the Amazon situation: I talked to 4 people who preordered and 2 already had their books,1 was told it was being shipped and the other was told she had the option of canceling since they didn't have the book! I tried talking to Amazon directly and they were utterly useless. My publisher has worked out a temporary solution as of this AM so we're hoping there will no more snafus. At any rate, they do apparently have the book, even though they say they don't.


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