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Last night's reading was fun and well-attended. My pal Carrie somehow managed to find gummy werewolf candy, which we raffled off (I'm planning on stocking up on them
for the Silver Moon release party, about which more soon). I read from Silver Moon, not surprisingly, and from my story "Regency Masquerade" from A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories. It's my Georgette Heyer homage and folks seemed to find it amusing, which was most excellent. Afterwards, it was off to Merlin's Rest for dessert and hanging out.

This weekend, I'll be heading back to DreamHaven, this time to cheer own my friend Will Alexander, whose first novel, Goblin Secrets, debuted this month. Will and his writing group (Haddayr, David, Barth, and Stacy) will also be doing a panel, Saturday, 7PM, and the store will be open all afternoon as well. Should be a most excellent event.

Then on Sunday, I'll be doing a reading at the Quatrefoil Library in St. Paul from 1-4PM, along with Ellen Hart, Catherine Friend, Ellen Lansky, Linda Morganstein and Lyda Morehouse. Should be another excellent event. :-)

In audio book news, 2 anthologies which include my stories are headed for audio book format: "Dirty Girls" edited by Rachel Kramer Bussell, which includes my story "Just Another Girl
on the Train," and a lesbian erotica anthology (not sure of exact title) edited by Barbara Cardy, which includes my story "Ladies Who Lunch."


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