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Spent yesterday wrestling with the 3rd migraine of the week, but did manage to get in some errands and finished reading The Hunger Games so I'll be able to talk about it next weekend at Marscon. I liked the premise and the characters and Collins definitely keeps things moving. I'm wondering whether the rest of the series requires the same level of suspension of disbelief (the deus ex machina rescues, an economy that requires coal but uses floating hovercraft, etc.) but will probably opt to read them and find out. The day ended on a pleasant note - we had friends over for dinner, which consisted of the herb bread, corn chowder and salad I'd made plus the raspberry/rhubarb sorbet that they made. Yum!

I also finished my guest blog post for Good Lesbian Books anniversary. There will be a series of posts by various readers and writers, recommending "first" books with lesbian protagonists. My list included books by Galford, Pollack, Schulman, Wilson and Allison. I think it'll be posted this week. In addition to GLB, I'd like to plug SFFIC: SF/F starring lesbian and bi women and The Lesbrary (reviews, links, news, you name it) as good resources if you're looking for more fiction featuring lesbian, bi and queer female protagonists.

On an unrelated note, my friend WIll Alexander's having a book launch this week at Magers and Quinn on Tuesday, March 6 at 7:30PM for his new novel, Goblin Secrets. He'll also be reading at DreamHaven on 3/17 at 7PM with Haddayr Copley-Woods, Barth Anderson, David J. Schwartz and Stacy Thieszen, which should be a blast. Will is awesome - read his book.

I also just got the line-up for the Quatrefoil Library Women's Month Reading on March 18th, from 1-3PM. Thinking this is going to be pretty lively too. :-)
Speakers include:
Ellen Hart
Jessie Chandler
Catherine Friend
Ellen Lansky
Catherine Lundoff
Linda Morganstein
Lyda Morehouse

Date: 2012-03-04 10:32 pm (UTC)
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I was planning to see the movie before reading The Hunger Games, but I just realized today that some of my friends will likely want to discuss the differences between the book(s) and movie, so I'd best get up to speed in order to avoid being inadvertently spoiled.


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