Jul. 8th, 2018

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Which included the following:
  • Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer Tour stop in town. Verdict: excellent performance, not a great venue for it. But glad I got to go with my friend who had an extra ticket. Haven't gotten to hang with her ages so that made it more fun. Also, I do so love this song and the accompanying video.
  • A quiet 4th of July after Jana left to go teach workshops in Grand Marais, MN. At least until the fireworks started it up and went until after midnight.
  • Woke up groggy, headachy and with an ear infection brought on by not great ear plugs. Had to day job because other people did not get their ducks in a row and I was backup.
  • Ended up hanging out with a friend at home on Friday and watching Tsui Hark's latest. It was okay, if a tad squicky and odd in spots.
  • Saturday was the Mill City Farmer's Market and errands and sundries, followed by going to see Baskerville at Park Square Theater with my friend Julia of Bingley's Teas fame. The play is about a  genderswapped Holmes and Watson pursuing the Hound and features a ton of slapstick, goofy humor and a bunch of laugh out loud moments. Well worth seeing!
  • We also checked out Afro Deli beforehand and had a tasty meal of delights from various cultures.
  • Today has been all about food preservation and now, off to go check on friend's cats while she  deals with major unpleasantness. Here's hoping the new week brings better things!


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