May. 7th, 2018

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The gearing up for the annual expedition to Madison for WisCon has begun - I've got one panel and a Queen of Swords Press/Release Party for Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures by Alex Acks. Also, shenanigans. Jana's work will be in the Art Show and our books will be in the Dealer's Room with DreamHaven and A Room of One's Own. The party will feature tea and munchies, some lowkey games, book signings by Alex, me and our special guest Robyn Bennis, for as long as chooses to hang out. Probably other guests too, depending on how things turn out. Stop by and say hi if you're there!

Beyond Batty - Old Lady Characters In SF&F (scheduled)   Sat, 2:30–3:45 pm Wisconsin
Moderator: Timmi Duchamp. Catherine Lundoff, Isabel Schechter, Georgie L. Schnobrich about this item. 
Older folks remain underrepresented as protagonists or major characters in SF&F films, books, and TV shows. Older women rarely appear even as supporting characters, and often only as batty old broads or other stereotypes we wish would go away. What stories break this mold? What stories are there yet to be told for older women in SF&F?
Queen of Swords Press Book Release Party for Alex Acks's Murder On The Titania (scheduled)   Sun, 8:45 pm–Mon, 3:00 am Room 627
Queen of Swords Press (Catherine Lundoff, Publisher) is releasing author Alex Acks' Murder On The Titania And Other Steam-Powered Adventures in April 2018. The party includes a signing by Alex and promo information about Queen of Swords Press' other books, as well as tea and light refreshments.

Good times!


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