Dec. 21st, 2016

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Reviving this because we need a long game as well as immediate responses. The stronger the organizations that support us are, the better our odds of surviving the next few years. Got something new? Add it in the comments and I'll check it out and add it.

This is a resource post compiling some research that I’m doing and wanted to share. The focus is intended to be on investing, small business loans, grants, etc. for businesses started/run by female-identified people and queer folk. As a rule, women, people of color and queer folks get fewer investments in their businesses, less money and less support across the globe; unsurprisingly, minority women and queer folks in just about any category get less than that. Please share, boost and reblog this list as desired. Some of these organizations subsist on investments, others on donations. Bear in mind that for a lot of these organizations, even investing $100 a year or less can make a sizeable difference so if you see something you’re interested in,  don’t let not being a 1%er slow you down (especially if you actually are a 1%er).

I’m starting at the high end and working my way down to microfinance. Some of these organizations I have contributed to and worked with, some I pulled off the Web or other folks’ lists so inclusion here is not necessarily an endorsement of any of the following.

Women in Venture Capital, Small Business Startups, etc.

Golden Seeds – early stage venture capital investment in women run companies.

Women’s Venture Capital Fund – women-run tech firms start-up capital, etc.

Makeda Capital, LLC – brand new hedge fund specializing in women-led companies -

Women’s Venture Fund – business loans, training for new entrepreneurs, NY and New Jersey area -

Women Venture – MN-based, classes, scholarships, support, loans -

She Owns It – networking site for women entrepreneurs, resource lists, etc.

Women 2.0 – women in technology, funding, networking -

Small Business Association – Women-Owned Business – loans, mentoring, business plans, etc.

LGBTQ Folks:

Start OUT - Networking, mentoring, funding for LGBTQ entrepreneurs

Investment funds:

Pax World Funds Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund – mutual fund that invests in companies that are run by women, promote women and have women in senior level leadership ($1000 min investment, as low as $50 a month thereafter) -

Calvert Foundation – Women Investing in Women Initiative (WIN-WIN) – microfinance and lending, min $20 investment -

Equality Funds - investing in LGBTQ-friendly and LGBTQ-run businesses.


Kiva – nonprofit that makes loans for various projects, including women-focused ones. You pick the projects you want to support. $25 to start. -[]=&gender=Female

Women’s Microfinance Initiative – loans to women building projects in East Africa -

Women for Women International – working with women survivors or war to rebuild, loans, support. $30 to set up, $30 per month after. -



Women’s Environmental Institute – training women in sustainable farming, urban farming techniques, marketing produce, etc. CSA as well as membership options. $50 a year for

MN Women’s Foundation (there’s a foundation like this in most U.S. States; check to see if you have a local one if you don't live in MN) – grants to organizations that serve women and girls, donate in any amount -

Third Wave Fund – activist fund for young queer activists focussing on gender and racial justice and diversity – scholarships, media, training, etc. $25 and up to be a sustainer.

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice – LGBTQI inclusive, grants for activism, community
building, arts funding, etc. $10 and up -

Ms. Foundation - Organizational grants for groups working on grassroots issues such as childcare, violence against women, reproductive rights, etc. -

PFund Foundation - Organizational grants for groups in the Upper Midwest working on LGBTQ+ issues, scholarships for students, etc.


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