Jul. 20th, 2016

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  • Progress made on Sekrit Project. I'm liking it much better on the third rewrite and I think I have my thaumaturgy issues resolved. No, I can't tell you what they are yet. Hoping to get it done and turned in early to the editor to see if she concurs.
  • Progress made on pulling together 4 short fiction collections, two for Emily L. Byrne (Other Me) and two for me. Hoping to get that pulled together in the next few weeks and follow up on the covers I optimistically selected months ago, thinking it wouldn't take that long.
  • Planning on getting back on to making progress with the Queen of Swords Press website. I've done some work on related stuff, but need to really dig in.
  • I just signed on to moderate a panel at Midamericon II on queer YA. This is not a core competency of mine but I'm a decent moderator so there we have it. Suggestions on blogs and titles welcome! For those keeping score at home, I'm now on 5 programming items barring changes: cyberpunk (suggestions also welcome), aging in SF/F, queer YA, indie comics (see note re: suggestions) and running a small press. Whee! It's cramming time!
  • Diversicon is coming up real soon now (a week and one half away), GOH is acclaimed and queer SFnal ground-breaking editor and author Jessica Amanda Salmonson. She is also one of the first transwomen to come out as trans in science fiction, fantasy or horror. Special Guest is multi-award nominated and winning author Naomi Kritzer. My tentative schedule there includes panels on Shirley Jackson, fairy tales, ghost stories and women warriors and perhaps some queer SF/F/H stuff. Should be interesting.
  • Still have giant gaping holes in the office wall with a stunning view of new copper plumbing. Hoping to get that fixed up before Kansas City.
  • Having hit a wall of sorts with a lot of things, am now engaged in a massive reorganization and cleanout of the house, possessions, backlog on stuff like will updates and watching a lot less telebvision and it's beginning to help. I think. Less clutter, more productivity.
Back to avoiding the RNC for as long as possible!


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