Apr. 13th, 2016

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  • My tooth is fixed! Four months of sundry procedures, 3 rounds of antibiotics and multiple checkups! Let it be said that when I decide to acquire a dental infection, I do not do it by halves,
  • Last week I got an iffy medical test result, of the variety that results in calls from a hospital and a summons to more testing. Went in this morning, went through a more uncomfortable and intense set of tests and got to sit in the waiting room looking nervous until the tech popped out with a cheery "All clear!" and a high five. So that's a very definite relief.
  • On Friday after the hospital call and some subsequent nonsense from the billing department, I stopped by our local cupcake shop, A Cupcake Social, and ordered my favorite cupcake. One of the owners noticed I looked sad and I said that I'd had a very bad day. He promptly gave me the cupcake to cheer me up. So this week, I ordered some of their lovely cupcakes for a thing by way of saying thanks. :-)
And now back to writing and other stuff. Also, learning Google Analytics in a very cold classroom. One more round to go.


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