Feb. 9th, 2016

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Best Lesbian Erotica 20th Anniversary Edition is out from Cleis Press! And I have a blog post with buy links, the Goodreads Giveaway link and the TOC up for your perusal. http://writeremilylbyrne.blogspot.com/2016/02/best-lesbian-erotica-of-year-20th_9.html

What else is going on? Well, insomnia at the moment. But apart from that, our presentation on Accessibility and Aging in Tech at
DevFest went quite well. And my friend Sarah Olson did a terrific presentation on the science behind gender bias. I met some new folks, hung out with friends, went to several interesting presentations and learned some stuff. I'll post links to the multimedia options when they're up. Good day all around!

This week's adventures are mostly about doing a mad scramble to get ready for teaching my Loft
class this Saturday, answering questions for a Twin Cities Geek author profile, getting prepped for my new short fiction project (about which more later) and other fun. We did manage to fit in one more thing, namely a visit from Jim from Applied Energy Innovations last night. They came by last week and installed our new solar fan in the attic (regulates moisture in winter and house temperature in summer), but this week they were over to evaluate our house for the installation of solar panels. It is still a pricey thing to consider, even with rebates, but we think we can make it cost effective. But first, we have to enter the state lottery for rebates, so that will be the next hurdle. We've been whittling away at the costs of operating our house and reducing our carbon footprint for years now, so here's hoping we get to take the next step!

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Meenakshi Gurukkal
Meenakshi Gurukkal is the oldest known female practitioner of the Indian martial art Kalaripayattu. She's been teaching and doing shows for over 60 years and has led an amazing life. I love the photo of her in a sari with her sword and shield!

Meenakshi Gurukkal
Meenakshi Gurukkal


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