Jun. 17th, 2015

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 PSA for folks going to TC Pride next week - Trinity Works, an exgay ministry hosted by the Northwest Bible College and the First Baptist Church, is targeting the Pride Parade and celebration again. If you run across them, report them to Pride security if you can and check in with Outfront MN if you need support. Remember that some members of our community are more vulnerable than others and there are reports of suicide watches and related horrors from last year's "outreach." 😡

Fundraising notes - please boost and donate if you can:

SF Minnesota is fundraising for Diversicon and for Tales of the Unanticipated Magazine. This is a thing I've been trying to get them to try for awhile now and it would guarantee the future of both for a few years at least if they succeed.

My friend Rebecca Polston is, amongst her other accomplishments, the first African-American midwife to be licensed in MN. She and a collective of midwives are trying to launch a multicultural, friendly to all families, birth center in North Minneapolis. It would be great to see this get off the ground, both for my friend and her group and for the area, where this would be the only healthcare of its kind.

"Normal Lives, Valid Lives" is a new documentary in progress about the successful struggle to force the Anoka-Hennepin School District to address the homophobic bullying that drove multiple children to commit suicide. The fact that parents and activists succeeded makes this documentary even more essential for other fighting the same problems.

And me, well, I'm trying to get caught up. Novel edits are back, progress is being made on Not So Sekrit Project, articles are getting done. Onward! 


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