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My flash fiction story about a starship pilot, "The Light Fantastic," is going to appear in the December 1st issue of "Luna Station," an awesome quarterly magazine dedicated to women writing speculative fiction -
You can buy a bunch of good stories for a very reasonable rate and support women spec fic writers at the same time.

I also wanted to boost some calls for other editors.
Alex Dally MacFarlane is looking for reprint science fiction stories by women for "The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women" -

And for you historical fiction writers, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Tehani Wessely are looking for stories about "Cranky Ladies of History" - query first.
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Untreed Reads releases a new ebook version of "Periphery: Lesbian Erotic Futures," which includes my story "Diplomacy" as well as award-winning work by Melissa Scott, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Cecilia Tan and others -

That would be the reprint part. :-)
Had very mild con crud and my bad hip is achey but otherwise doing pretty well after a long trip with lots of driving. I did decide to take the train to Chicon 7 though, since I'm just not up for powering on through to get there. And I had a total fangrrrl moment seeing my name on the program participants list, since, you know, it's Worldcon and all. Tonight I get to record a podcast with the Skiffy and Fanty Show, which should be fun. Then tomorrow, I get to figure out Garage Band do I can record a reading for the Broad Universe Broadpod Pride podcast. Then off to "Snow White and the Huntsman." Then a giant faceplant, laundry, sleeping, cat time and getting organized for upcoming events. Gosh, if only I could find a way to fill those acres of free time that I am burdened with. :-)
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Just got my contributor's copy of "Sky-Tinted Waters" edited by Michael Merriam (Sam's Dot Press, 2012), which includes my Spectrum Award finalist story "At the Roots of the World Tree."  This is the second collection of short spec fic from Minnesota authors and well worth checking out. Http://
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The new Minnspec anthology, Sky-Tinted Waters: 20 Minnspec Tales, edited by Michael Merriam will be out soon from Sam's Dot Publishing.
It includes my Spectrum Award-finalist story "At the Roots of the World Tree," as well as stories by lots of other local authors. Check out the full TOC

"Ladies Who Lunch," one of the two new erotica stories I wrote last year is now out in a series of erotic short ebooks from Constable and Robinson, edited by Barbara Cardy. You check out most of the entire series here. I gather more are being added as the final formatting is complete so check back in a few days for the new ones.
Word is the the other story I wrote last year has been accepted but I'm awaiting official notification before I announce it.
But yeah, more stuff!

And, lest I forget, the
Lesbian Fiction Reader's Choice polls close on Friday. Hellebore and Rue is up for Best SF/F, A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories is up for Best Collection and I'm up for Best Author.

There's also only 12 more days to enter to win a chance at an ARC of Silver Moon at Goodreads. Plus. if you add it to your To Be Read List, it makes me very happy.


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