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  • The recording of the podcast interview that I did on the Cocktail Hour Podcast is now live. This one is a lively and manageable 15 minutes or so long, but if you enjoy it and would like to hear more about what I'm up to, there's another recent interview with me up at Hannah's Bookshelf on North Manchester Radio.
  • I got a fabulous new acceptance that I can't announce yet and the gaming project I wrote for last year has been approved and is a go...and I can't say much more about that one yet because that's all I know right now. I sent out some more stories and I'm working on some new ones. I'm also going to be working on the erotic romance sf novel I finished but need to revise for another new project. I'm also working on a new Queen of Swords Press project, about which there will be more soon.
  • Lots of friends and acquaintances having terrible events of late - sending out general vibes to the universe that this week was the last of them and things get a lot better soon.
  • Had the fun of seeing a family heirloom on display in a local museum. When we moved my mother out from New York, she brought along a giant cut glass vase that came from my grandmother's house. She didn't want it packed up so after we wrapped it in a lot of bubblewrap, she carried on her lap in the car on the cross country drive. Then handed it to me when she got here. Seeing as it is about a foot and half tall, pretty heavy and not done in a style that clicks with anything we have, I approached the American Swedish Institute for an appraisal and prospective donation. They believed it to be the work of a Swedish American glass artist who was trained at Orrefors and moved to New York around the turn of the 19th Century. They also, bless them, took it off my hands. Time passed and I kept looking around but not seeing it on display, which was mildly disappointing. I've been going to museums my entire life and was looking forward to seeing something I'd grown up with on display in one. Today, it was up in the center cabinet in the dining room of the Turnblad Mansion, looking quite pretty. And huge. I'm pleased!
  • Looking forward to both the Pirates of Penzance and Black Panther this week because we contain multitudes!
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