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Out of This World is on sale at Smashwords through 3/11 at 50% off as part of Read an Ebook Week. Pick it up for a mere $2 when you use the code RAE50 at checkout!

I'm plugging away at my posts for Patreon. This month's nonprofit donations will be going to Planned Parenthood and this month's post topics will be comfort reads, comfort TV and an essay on author Melissa Scott. Pledge at the $1 level to get two posts a month, at the $3 level to request future posts as well as to receive the existing ones and at the $6 level for all of the above + an additional piece of fiction or non fiction or whatever I'm currently working on. Such a deal!

Other than this, I'm looking at a print layout for Out of This World and have a fabulous new cover for Knife's Edge, the first Emily L. Byrne collection, both by artist and writer Terry Roy. Terry is great to work with and I heartily recommend her! Editor Carrie Cuinn is proofing the text for Knife's Edge, and once she's done, I'll do a final pass over it, get it formatted and turn it loose shortly thereafter. Carrie does a very thorough job and I definitely recommend her too.

I'm expecting my interview on the Skiffy and Fanty Podcast to go live soon, as well as some guest blogs on various topics on other folk's sites. I have another guest blog due as Emily, some editing to do, sundry other stuff related to Queen of Swords, then I start on the next book. And promo for my various readings and such. Whee!

Next weekend, I'll be volunteering at the MN Advocates for Human Rights International Women's Day event at Hamline, which I'm looking forward to. They've put on a good event in years past. Then I'll be off to Theatre Unbound's production of Susan Glaspel's Trifles and two other short plays. They'll also be hosting Little Black Dress Ink! Female Playwrights Onstage Festival on March 8th; it's free and open to the public. Come hear some new plays before they make it big.

Wednesday is also A Day Without a Woman  as well as being International Women's Day. Skip work if you can, limit any necessary spending to women and immigrant and/or minority-owned businesses, donate to organizations that support women and other targets of the Orange Menace and his merry band of evil and ware red. I'm taking the day off, because I'm fortunate enough to have that option, and will be supporting women-owned business. There's ERA lobbying day at the State Legislature as well (see the Women's March MN for more details) and miscellaneous other events. Or plan your own.

Now to go wrangle some more stuff.


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