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The last few weeks have been an exciting jumble of day jobbery, crud and miscellaneous projects. In the next few weeks, I need to do my first technical conference presentation, plan something for my mother's 80th birthday, teach two classes at the Loft Literary Center (if they carry), get new publicity photos, deal with day job release schedules that are falling badly behind and generally survive. Whee! It promises to be fun! Or at least parts of it will be fun. I hope.

But we're not here to talk about dread and worries today. Today, we are writing and working on stuff and making progress on freelance editing and novel edits and such. Progress, especially finishing any of the above, will be glorious, glorious, I say!

So, writing update is minimal. But Queen of Swords Press update is impressive. In the last few weeks, I've gotten a business bank account, done some excellent networking with another writer about software and social media solutions that I need to check out, worked with my web designer to mock up a website and acquired Quickbooks. I get to meet with my new accountant tomorrow to get the latter set up, and my small biz lawyer to get a few more things finalized in two weeks. I have contract templates to review and very nearly have a new email address for the Press. So things are moving, which hopefully means that writing and editing will be picking up steam too. Progress!


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