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Yesterday's BU tabling went well. I sold some books, both mine and other people's and chatted with various folks. I also got to briefly meet Rose Fox and John Jasper of PW, which was quite cool (they compounded that impression by saying nice things about "Silver Moon." :-). I chatted with Trevor Quechni, the new editor of Analog for a bit about Broad Universe. Then I sold a few books and CDs, including a couple of copies of "Silver Moon." I then went on to buy some jewelry from Kathyrn Arnold-Levanthal and from Laurie Edison and Jennifer Pelland's latest book from Apex Book Company.

From there, it was off with friends to a nice Armenian restaurant for a jolly meal. Then back to the hotel, where i ran into Sigrid Ellis and we went to 2.5 parties, landing at the MN fandom gathering. Much hanging out and chatting with Jody Wurl, Magenta Griffith, Sara Olson and other fun folks. I pumpkined at 10:30PM.

This morning it was breakfast with friends. Then I went on to more or less volunteer at the SFWA table which really meant having fun chatting with Cat Rambo, Richard Chwedyk, Kati Sperring, Rachael Acks, Martha Wells and Cliff W. as well as folks stopping by. I helped sell some copies of Silver Moon, a couple of SFWA t-shirts (I'm particularly partial to "SFWA - Squid Happens." Just because.) and a copy of the European SF Hall of Fame anthology. Selling one of these was my shift goal, since they apparently hadn't been selling at all for quite some time. So my SFWA street cred is intact now. :-)

And to be continued, post dinner and possibly post-Hugos.


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