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catherineldf ([personal profile] catherineldf) wrote2017-09-03 07:49 am

Two bits of good news!

 I am ridiculously pleased about this! SILVER MOON just got an Honorable Mention for the Rainbow Awards. If I'm remembering correctly, this is the equivalent of "finalist" in its category, but can be an end state. I'll find out in December. I will also note that the original version didn't final for this award so I'm feeling even better about the new edition. 😃 The Rainbow Awards, thanks to Elisa and company, raise thousands of dollars for LGBTQ+ groups every year and I'm a former judge, so I know how much work goes into this. Really lovely way to start my Sunday!

Also, back in June, I was part of a StoryBundle that raised a nice chunk of change for Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps get imperiled LGBTQ folks to safety around the world. This week, they announced that thanks in part to all their recent donors, they were able to rescue 31 queer Chechen men and bring them to safety in Canada! Huge thanks and much love to everyone who helped make that possible!

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