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My lesbian steampunk ghost story "Medium Méchanique" has been accepted for the queer steampunk book Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam: Gay City Anthology 5, to be published by Minor Arcana Press & the Gay City Health Project. It's scheduled to be out in July and will include fiction, art, poetry and general. There's a  Kickstarter to help pay for upfront costs to please help spread the word and donate if you can.
The TOC, minus one soon-to-be-announced contributor:

Cover art by John Coulthart

Illustrations by M S Corley and Levi Hastings

Graphic story:  "Paper Lantern" by Jon Macy


"from Preternatural Conversations" and "Oblivious Imperialism is the Worst Kind" by C A Conrad

"Dear Dr. Frankenstein" by Jericho Brown

"Anaphora as Coping Mechanism" and "American Dreams" by Ocean Vuong

"Orpheus on the 74" and "The Resurrection Spell" by Oscar McNary

"Zombie Autopsy" by Janie Miller

"Moon Goddess" by Imani Sims

 Hybrid/Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry:

"Psychopomp" by Lydia Swartz

"Thangs" by Imani Sims

"The Door," "Casualties of War," and "The Worst is that You Can't Even Ask Him to Use Protection" by Jeremy Halinen

 Short Stories:

"Monster Movie" by Rebecca Brown

"B.E.M.s" by Gregory L. Norris

"Feeding Desire" by Steve Berman

"Medium Méchanique" by Catherine Lundoff

"Study in Blue, Green, and Gold" by John Coulthart

"A Captive Audience" by Ryan Keawekane

"Splinter" by Ryan Crawford

"The Difference Men" by Kat Smalley

"Alexander's Wrath" by J L Smither

"Quota" by Amy Shepherd

"Heart of the Labyrinth" by Tony Rella


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