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And only a few weeks in and I've already blown both my word count deadline and my desire to post a link round-up every Friday, the former being more serious than the latter. On the bright side, I did get in some writing this week and got a long overdue (based on my deadline, not theirs) guest blog off to SF Signal on the topic of LGBT SFF before 1970. This will be part of a series of posts going up through the 1980s, I think. More if people are interested. Otherwise, life's all about spaceships, sexy starship captains and werewolves.

Got to
MCBA's Book Arts Festival this morning and did a bunch of preemptive holiday shopping. Now I'm prepping dinner for a friend coming over for dinner (courtesy of our new slow cooker) and programming lessons in SAS. the madness of my Saturday nights is not to be believes, I tell you. :-)

Tomorrow (11/17), I'll be reading at the Acadia Cafe at noon with other local specfic authors for the 2013
MNSpec Writer's Showcase. I'm also going to be participating in reading scenes from a friend's new play. It should be fun and Acadia has excellent lunch so come on down and support the locals.


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