Sep. 9th, 2018

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Not for me or my household, but for a good friend who just got a diagnosis for a nasty, unforgiving and almost certain to be fatal far too soon illness. This added to the several other less close friends diagnosed with a range of unpleasant, ghastly and or just plain unpleasant sicknesses and other fun in the last year and change. Add to that my mother is beginning to forget us. I had so hoped that she would be gone before that began to happen.

So between all of that and the national and international news, I'm feeling...less than cheerful.

So I'm doing what I always do and working and trying to deal with things. I went to see "The Little Stranger" yesterday with friends and found it okay, but not great. I've drafted an introduction for Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) and am about to embark on writing some article proposals. I've written 500 words of new fiction today and am hoping to break 1000. My day job layoff that I've been expecting for the last three years just got cancelled so I'm trying to wrap my brain around that (and the fact that I do not have time off to look forward to. My vacation time exists, but it's rolled up with my sick time, so I burned through most of my existing accumulation last winter and spring). It's good to have one less thing to stress about though. And the cats are snuggling with me a lot because it's a bit cooler (and maybe they know I'm upset).

In other news, I'm off to St. Cloud on Friday to give a reading and a talk at the Great River Regional Library and table at St. Cloud Pride. Both should be pretty interesting. Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain on Saturday. A friend loaned me a craft tent, but I'm not sure that we can set up easily. After that, it's off to Cape Code and Edward Gorey and pirates, so I'm trying to focus on that as much as I can. Now to go do some stuff so i can be more available to my friend when she needs me.


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