May. 16th, 2016

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So what am I up to?
  • Frenzied scramble to get everything in place for going to New Zealand.
  • Frenzied scramble to deal with work release that should have gone in March, only it got delayed until now, right before my vacation.
  • Frenzied scramble to get second big pass on editing project and editing notes done and organized to turn over to author before I leave town.
  • Frenzied scramble to get one more story rewrite done and another story submitted before I head out (which will get me to 4 subs in the past 5 weeks or so. Not too shabby).
  • Ongoing nervous eyeing of mailbox to see when Secret Project edits are going to that I can add them to another frenzied scramble.
  • Taking time out to rage about the cancellation of Agent Carter and the wanton destruction (but renewed. Why? who knows?) of Sleepy Hollow. Plus additional pissiness over failure to pick up  a version of Nancy Drew featuring Sarah Shahi by CBS because "too female."
  • Yard stuff, house stuff, health stuff. The latter included good news from various tests, plus potential good news for a thing I would like/need to do when I get back.
  • Work on Press? See above. Maybe a few things before I go.
  • Noodling on the idea of a Patreon. Would folks reading this be interested in pledging for a monthly post on a history of SF/F/H with an LGBTQ focus? Author profiles, discussions of works, trends, related stuff? Since SF Signal is closing, I'll be moving my survey articles over here so that I have a backup in case their archiving doesn't work out so I was thinking it might be a good time to look at expanding that project to something that could grow to booklength.
  • Back to scrambling. Whee!


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