Apr. 11th, 2016

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this last week's version, anyway.
So, beginning last Monday onward, the last week has featured the following:
  • 2000+ words of new short story, due real soon now
  • 500 words of revisions on other stories
  • 1 editing read through on editing project
  • The ordering of new glasses with purty frames (pix to follow after I pick them up)
  • An unlooked for health issue that may well prove to be nothing, but will be anxiety-producing until the next round of tests.
  • Caught the unspeakably horrible and enraging season finale of Sleepy Hollow, which is now dead to me if it gets renewed, and it shouldn't be. The show runners, presumably with network help, destroyed a show with a multicultural cast, complex and strong female characters of color and a fun premise. It took them two seasons to finish destroying what Season 1 created and they did a banner job.
  • Day job, trip planning, etc.
  • AlterConf Minneapolis was Saturday's big adventure and I had a blast. I met some really interesting folks, connected with some friends, attended great presentations on everything from privacy issues to motherhood in tech to how to hack your employer's insurance to make it more trans-inclusive to kid's rights and internet access to being sober in tech and other diversity-related issues. Valerie and I did an excerpted version of our GoogleDev talk on Accessibility and Aging in Tech. And there was good food and ASL interpretation and childcare and an enforced code of conduct and all those things that are supposed to be challenging for conferences to provide. Presenters even got paid. Many, many kudos to Ashe Dryden and her team for organizing these! There's one coming up in San Francisco next so be sure and check it out if you can.
Next up, more writing, more tests, a class on Google Analytics and assorted other fun.


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