Apr. 3rd, 2016

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It was my birthday last Wednesday so I took the day off and we bopped around town hitting some fun spots: breakfast at the Seward Cafe (a birthday tradition!), the Electric Fetus Records and Gifts, Norway House, Kuul Chocolate, Lady Elegant's Tea Room in St. Paul (recently purchased by an Oromo family of former UN aid workers who make a terrific high tea and yummy soup), Micawber's Books (now located downstairs from Lady Elegant's), then back across the river to Uncle Hugo's and Uncle Edgar's Bookstore in Minneapolis, followed by a stop at Minnesota Maker (shop next to Sisters Sludge Coffee that specializes in MN made products). Then home to feed kitties before heading out to La Ceiba for dinner with a small group of friends. Delightful time all around!

The rest of the week has been day job and migraines but not as grueling as the previous week, so mostly just uncomfortable. Sekrit Project has moved forward to the extent that I can now say that I'm working on something for an RPG tie-in. Editing project is also moving forward. New Zealand is mostly planned. Queen of Swords still has a minor email problem and I'm just going to have to rebuild the account connections but haven't yet. Valerie and I got our presentation pulled together for AlterConf Minneapolis (coming up on April 9th) so that's pretty cool. Got panel proposals and whatnot out for upcoming cons. And did a bit of writing. Full steam ahead!

Whoops, almost forgot! Queers Destroy Horror made the Tiptree Award Longlist! Which is pretty cool. :-) It will also be available at the Quatrefoil Library soon, seeing as I just gave them a copy.

This week's plug - only three more days to find this fabulous looking animated film about women inventors, pirates and activists!


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