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Silver Moon: A Wolves of Wolf's Point Novel, is back in print! As noted previously, there are some changes from the original edition: new cover, new subtitle, character name change, the new version is longer and so forth. The story has not been changed nor have the main characters. It's available in all ebook formats. In print, it's available from
Indie bookstores and libraries can order it through Ingram. I'm working toward selling it directly via the Queen of Swords Press website, but we're not there yet.

Speaking of Queen of Swords Press, I just got an acceptance from the Twin Cities Book Festival for October so be sure and look for us there. I'll also have print copies of Silver Moon and Out of This World next week (6/27) at the Queer Voice Pride Month Reading and Book Fair at the Minneapolis Central Library.

Our Pride Month StoryBundle is still chugging along and we've raised nearly $1000 for Rainbow Railroad so far! 9 more days to go.

Other than this, life is a bit of mixed bag. Mystery Foot Pain turns out to be arthritis, which is very annoying. I'm nursing things along but will have to skip going to Pride because I need to get everything settled down before Helsinki, etc. The current round of house projects have wrapped up so now we're on to planning the next ones. I have some fabulous friends, and there we have it. Off to bed now in hopes of getting a decent night's sleep/

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Twin Cities Book Festival TODAY! The Queer MN panel featuring Rachel Gold, Raymond Luczak, John Medeiros, Stephen Burt and me is at 11:30, book signing to follow. Plus Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, Kate Bornstein and a ton of writers, publishers, and other book-related awesomeness -

And if you've ever wondered what an RWA-style elevator pitch for "Silver Moon" might look like, wonder no more. Check out the LogLine Blog for a sample -
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The TC Book Fest schedule is alive! Alive! Cue: spooky music.
Looming large on the horizon (next Saturday - 10/13), it draws ever nearer. The Fest is a good time - lots of authors, presses and books, plus author panels. I'll be on MN Queer - The State of LGBT Literature panel at 11:30. Panelists include Rachel Gold, Raymond Luczak, and John Medeiros, plus a moderator whose name I haven't committed to memory yet. Other events of note include presentations by Kate Bornstein and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer and a reading by local author William Alexander, plus bunches of other cool things. And it's free!


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